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Detik Bersama HANDYCAM

Advertiser: Sony (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Sony Handycam
Creative Agency: MEC Malaysia
Credits: credits Law Chan Keong (Managing Director), Lim Kay Chye (Manager), Jennie Koh (Planner), Winnie Teh (Senior Buyer)

The proliferation of digital recording devices had caused a dip in the sales of Sony Handycam. We needed to regain the preference of the consumers, especially the younger generation. How could we get the young consumers excited about an old and bulky product like Handycam?

The young consumers like to go the distance to capture and share their wonderful moments in lives with their friends and family. Leveraging on this insights, we developed a proposition – ‘You only need a Sony Handycam to share the moment”. We turned the idea into a travelogue-cum-reality TV show, creating a platform which allowed us to showcase the benefits and versatility of Handycam based on a premise which could engage with the young consumers.

We developed and run the 13-episode program in Astro WLT and Ria – ONE concept in TWO languages. For each program, 6 contestants were picked after a recruitment drive. They were tasked to create a 2-min video using Handycam in 5 destinations in Malaysia. The 2 finalists had a final showdown in Turkey, where home viewers were invited to vote for the grand winner. The final result was broadcasted live on-air and on-ground.

Sony Handycam had addressed the decline in sales, with an increase of +13% during the campaign period. The partnership with Astro generated tremendous media value estimated at 5.2x ROI.

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Reaching for Neslac Excella Gold with “My Child, My Star”

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: Neslac Excella Gold
Creative Agency: McCann Erickson
Credits: Lim Suk Yee (Senior Executive), Loo Pei Yee (Executive), Audrey Low (Associate Director, Client Leadership), Allison Chin (Trading Director), Nicole Leong (Senior Executive Nestle Products Sdn Bhd Her World)

A Nestle study revealed that mothers take pride in children’s achievements. They are often influenced by other mothers, desiring a good mother image. To resonate better with mothers, Neslac Excella Gold (NEG) growing-up-milk needed an avenue for them to share and sing praises about their kids in a believable manner.

Recognizing that women’s magazines are an important influence to provide aspirational environment for mothers, we partnered with Her World, a leading female magazine known for its credible real life stories. “My Child, My Star”, a first of its kind was born as a permanent fixture for 6 months, stretching our partnership with them to more than just a magazine publisher. Proud mothers can also then proudly share their star child’s stories to inspire other mothers!

First, we invited mothers to submit a short story on how they raised their kid to be the best. 6 shortlisted finalists were featured in the magazine, proudly giving their kids opportunity to shine while encouraging readers to vote for their favourite “Star Child”. The top 2 mothers win a stylized photo with their child and a special inspirational feature on their journey of motherhood. NEG branding was subtly injected throughout to create consumer association.

We became the hot topic amongst mothers! Nearly 700 votes were received within voting period. Readers were calling with enquiries on the feature story even after the campaign has ended. Mothers rated NEG the highest as being “the trusted brand” and “helps their child grow strong and healthy” (Millward Brown).

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Astro 368% more

Advertiser: MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems
Brand: Astro
Creative Agency: MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems
Credits: Ted Lim (Executive Creative Director), Raphael Ang (Head of Chinese Copywriting), Kimberly Yap (Copywriter), Lee Kah Shing (Art Director), Liew Wai Fun (Business Unit Head), Gyn Gan (Brand Executive), KC Chan (Chinese Copywriter)

Astro wanted to get more Chinese Malaysians to watch its Chinese Channel 311. So in 2010, Astro decided to broadcast selected World cup matches with commentary in Chinese. The trouble was, World Cup promotions were rife and standing out was difficult.

We knew that our Chinese viewers looked for their daily world cup updates on the sports section of their favourite Chinese newspapers. Instead of the usual announcement ad, we came up with a creative media solution. We used clever word plays that fit in the news context to draw readers to what we had to say. These ‘word blurbs’ came across as genuine comments from the football stars.

To pull it off, we bought unique island buys that exploited pictures from the matches in order to make the comments seem real. As part of the layout, readers then were exposed to the message that Astro wanted to get out.

Viewership of Astro’s 331 Channel rose by 368% during the advertised period.

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