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Berocca Speed Math Elevator

Advertiser: Bayer Co. (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Berocca
Creative Agency: JWT Malaysia
Credits: Sharmin Parameswaran (Associate Director, Client Leadership), Doreen Tee (Senior Executive, The Exchange), Katherine Fam (Executive, The Exchange)

Research shows that Berocca, a uniquely formulated vitamin B complex to improve physical and mental performance, caters best to urban white-collar males who need mental alertness for stressful work demands. Often misperceived as just another multivitamin, we’re challenged to build awareness and showcase Berocca’s true benefit of improving work performance.

The primary cause for ‘lack of energy’ amongst urban white-collar males is work-related pressure. To tackle energy drain resulting from work-related stress, men consume supplements, natural remedies and exercise. With these insights, we saw no better way to introduce and showcase Berocca’s true benefit than in the office environment itself, where the need for optimal work performance is on the rise!

While we wanted to enter their working environment, we didn’t want Berocca to be an in- your-face brand. So we focused our communications to catch our audience in an idle and relaxed state of mind. Travelling in office elevators was one such occasion, hence the birth of “Berocca Speed-Math Elevator”. We posted simple math questions whose answers corresponded to different level numbers on elevator buttons, which successfully communicated our key message “Think Sharper, Act Faster”.

Berocca’s Q2 & Q3 average sales gained 18% vs. 2009, a huge success for a pharmaceutical product. Our campaign’s unique clever spin also created lots of talkability, garnering us 4 times earned media.

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DiGi Bola! Bola! Bola! Living in a Billboard

Advertiser: DiGi Telecommunications
Brand: DiGi
Creative Agency: Grey Malaysia
Credits: Chrissy Ang (Media Manager), Audrey Chong (General Manager), Chan May Ling/David Leong (DiGi Telecommunications)

During World Cup 2010 season, brands’ share of voice drowned out, media space becomes cluttered, high volume of advertisers’ promotions. Maxis and Celcom, both had huge investments in mainstream media channels, which stood to hurt and drown out DiGi’s share of voice during period.

DiGi aimed to become the talk of the town; we needed something unconventional, eye-catching, and superlative. Thus turned a traditional billboard into a “live-in” billboard (first of its kind) that housed a radio station! For 50 hours straight thereafter, Hitz.fm DJs had to live, breathe, eat, talk, and sleep in the billboard. Not allowed to leave their temporary home, the DJs could only focus on the competition, WC2010 broadcast, and DiGi’s promotions.

Capitalized on both DJs’ huge following plus strategically located outside Pavilion KL, the ‘live-in’ billboard attracted huge attention. DiGi imposed a challenge for JJ (footie fanatic) to educate Ean (basketball jock) on all things football during the 50-hour bootcamp. Ean was required to answer at least 50% of questions correctly submitted by radio listeners from calls or SMSes. Failing to do so, Ean would have to stay another 24 hours in the billboard.

• In two weeks, campaign attracted 1,000,000+ listeners per week on Hitz.fm
• 5000+ people attended the launch event
in the span of 3 days
• 1000+ sms were received providing
football trivia questions to DJ Ean
• Captured by 4500+ bloggers with 3.6 million+ followers, valued over MYR9 million

2011 | |

Hand painted billboards for sustainability

Advertiser: Nippon Paint (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Nippon Paint
Creative Agency: Naga DDB
Credits: Wong Tse San (Client Services Director), Janise Shiaw (Senior Media Planner), Ooi Hoay Lee (Assistant Buying Manager), Gladys Goh (General Manager, Nippon Paint [M] Sdn Bhd), Siow Shy Teng (Assistant Manager, Nippon Paint (M) Sdn Bhd)

Nippon Paint strives to be as sustainable as possible. More importantly, sustainability is a way of life – one that is adopted very early on and to have a bearing on improved livability. ‘Better Living’ being our goal. But how can a paint company preach about being environmentally responsible?
We recognise that the generation of today lives & breathes connections. They have evolved from just being a ME generation to that of WE. Underpinned to this is the growing need to contribute to a greater good. Conversely, this motivates their choice of companies and brands too. Galvanizing the support of teachers, we used schools as a platform to spread the word on sustainable living for better living.

Each school had to conceptualise their interpretation of how they (together with Nippon Paint) are responsible for our Earth. And the interpretation is translated into a mural, which must incorporate an environmental message to serve as a daily reminder. Word of mouth began to spread about the student-initiated murals, in addition to the coverage done by Nanyang newspaper as well as a series of TV documentaries in Astro AEC.

Murals served to remind our students about
their responsibility to Mother Earth, it also
became Nippon Paint’s “billboards”. Total
publicity generated from press and TV amounted
to more than RM1.3million. And if we were to
pay for a billboard in each community, it would
have translated to RM360,000 in total!

2011 | |

SAMSUNG 2 Door Lifts

Advertiser: Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn Bhd
Brand: Samsung French Door Refrigerator
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett KL
Credits: Connie Tan (Senior Media Manager), Lee San San (Media Group Head)

<iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/5lUtKA0O2nw” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Samsung launched the French Door Refrigerator model and retail exclusivity was given to Harvey Norman at Ikano Power Centre. Therefore we need to rely on an advertising medium that is geographically appropriate, plus to shout out the refrigerator’s USP – a 2 door fridge with huge storage space.

Choosing a fridge is a daunting task, there are many options available. Consumers look for ‘optimum-sized’ fridge with huge storage space. Visiting few retail stores before making the purchase decision is a common shopper ritual. At Ikano Power Centre, access to Harvey Norman is via the escalator or elevator. We demonstrated the idea of ‘large & huge storage fridge’ by intercepting shopper’s movement from car park to Harvey Norman by replicated elevators as 2-door fridges.

Samsung French Door refrigerator ‘Elevator wraps’ at 8 strategic elevator locations, near Harvey Norman from level LG to 2 for three continuous months. The lift interior was transformed to look exactly like the fridge interior exhibiting a well stocked up with food and beverages, every consumer’s ideal fridge. Key product features were also highlighted: Twin Cooling System, Water Dispenser, Movable Fresh Box, Movable Door Guard, Height Adjustable Tray and EZ-Open Handle.

The lift wrap was exposed to potentially 700,000+ visitors to Ikano Power Center, and 1,000,000+ visitors to IKEA monthly. During the campaign period, actual sales target exceeded by 20% and made Harvey Norman, one of Samsung’s key retailers very pleased.

2011 | |

MILO Ambushes Official World Cup Sponsors

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: MILO
Creative Agency: E-Design
Credits: Allison Chin (Trading Director), Lim Chin Shelley Lee/Eddie Tan (E Design), Nestle Products Sdn Bhd, BigTree Outdoor

<iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/6B6OM8jHQbw” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

To take advantage of FIFA World Cup fever, MILO ran a football-themed “Hidup Bola” promotion, offering consumers MILO-branded football merchandise. Amidst the clutter of activities by other non-sponsors and huge ad spends by FIFA global sponsors, how could the MILO campaign stand out?

Our surveys revealed that the MILO football jerseys created for our promotion would be a big ‘hook’. Therefore, we decided to use the jersey as the ‘hero’ of the campaign. After much analysis, we chose large billboards to literally make the jersey ‘larger-than-life’ and also because this medium was relatively free from the “football clutter” prevalent on Print, TV and Radio.

For best impact, we selected billboards in high traffic market centers. Then we amplified our jerseys – LITERALLY – by turning billboards into gigantic MILO jerseys. To further enhance the jersey’s life-like appearance, solid backings had to be removed from the sleeves during installation to allow movement when they catch the wind. Excited football fans bought MILO to take part in our promotion, hoping to win these cool MILO football merchandises.

MILO jersey demand was overwhelming! The promotion redemption rate was 2.9 times higher than industry average. Sales increased by an unbelievable and unprecedented 36.5% YOY.