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Don’t play play… Phua Chu Kang really likes Nippon Paint ah!

Advertiser: Nippon Paint (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Nippon Paint
Creative Agency: Naga DDB
Credits: Wong Tse San (Client Services Director), Janise Shiaw (Senior Media Planner), Ooi Hoay Lee (Assistant Buying Manager), Gladys Goh (General Manager, Nippon Paint (M) Sdn Bhd), Audrey Tan (Assistant Manager, Nippon Paint (M) Sdn Bhd)

Despite leading the category in terms of SOV and Top-of-Mind-Awareness, Nippon Paint’s brand preference score has been stagnant for some time. Being in a low involvement category also means that brand affinity cannot be built overnight. It is a continuous effort, an accumulation of engagements across many platforms, overtime.

It is not very often paint brands get to be in a non-décor related shows, what more a comedy. But when Phua Chu Kang, the successful TV series about the BEST contractor in Singapore, decided to leap onto the big screen, we saw this as a strategic fit for Nippon Paint. It allowed us to showcase our products and services, exposing our brand in a non-intrusive way. Creating affinity through comedy.

Scripts were carefully carved & sculpted to integrate the brand into the story. NP products were subtly built around the story line, to ensure audience saw it but not turned off by it. Through laughter, our services were weaved in. Through tears of joy, our products were showcased. Further leveraging on the opportunity and PCK’s popularity, we brought the PCK cast to an exclusive event to meet our most loyal customers!

Total brand exposure exceeded investments by 5x. For the first time ever, a paint advertiser owned the BIG SCREEN with integrated brand content. More importantly, improvements were seen on many parameters of our brand health check. Brand Consideration grew 7% yoy. Brand Image grew 5% yoy (Source : Synovate).

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Love (almost) Don’t Cost Anything

Advertiser: Wipro Unza (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Sumber Ayu
Creative Agency: Ignite Sdn Bhd
Credits: Yee Wing Tak (Sr. Account Manager), Jessie Lian (Media Manager), Jenny Loh (General Manager, Ignite Sdn Bhd)

SumberAyu needed to stand out and be more intimate on an emotive platform, away from the common clinical platform. A focused education campaign in a form of never-used-before media was needed to change the current inappropriate use of soap and water. TV campaigns raised awareness but not the emotional need.

The average Malay woman marries younger, hence, the increase desire to fantasize about how to ignite and keep the romance flame going. They consume plenty of romance stories and one such untapped media was Malay romance novels, selling an estimated 550k copies per year. We explored ways to turn these novels into a media to carry our brand message of ‘Romancing your man’ and strengthen brand association of romance satisfaction.

We launched our 1st in Malaysia, co-titled Malay romance novels with SumberAyu and our brand tagline ‘Merapatkan Keintiman’ with a leading novel publishing house and 3 of their most prolific writers. A branded educational page at the end of the novel strengthened association. A bookmark was placed in between the pages signifying ‘tightening’ functional benefit of the product, enhancing long term association. We printed 15,000 copies and each novel was sold off within a month.

Compared to the previous year, the addition of Romance novels managed to garner sales improvement of 20%, ahead of the category growth at 4.6%. The novels also gained mentions in female magazines and bloggers’ review. Earned media valued at RM100,000, ROI at 8.4x. Future re-prints virtually guarantees brand longevity.

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How Fitnesse became the Big Winner with the Biggest Loser Asia?

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: Nestle Fitnesse
Creative Agency: McCann Erickson
Credits: Lim Suk Yee (Senior Executive), Loo Pei Yee (Executive), Audrey Low (Associate Director, Client Leadership), Allison Chin (Trading Director), Nicole Leong (Senior Executive), Amrita Randhawa (Partner, Client Leadership), Nestle Products Sdn Bhd, Cereal Partner Worldwide

With weight-loss promises a dime a dozen, it’s tough for companies claiming weight-loss benefits. Impatient consumers also don’t stay loyal to products when they don’t quickly achieve the desired results. We’re challenged to credibly communicate and demonstrate Fitnesse’s weight-loss performance when a consumer stays loyal to Fitnesse for 14 days.

To showcase Fitnesse’s long-term benefits, we partnered with “The Biggest Loser Asia” (TBLA), a hit reality show that helps real people achieve permanent, healthy weight loss in a competitive environment. Not satisfied with just a plain sponsorship, we worked with Diva Universal to continuously incorporate in-show product placements and usage that demonstrate Fitnesse’s integral role to help contestants lose weight. We even got trainer endorsements! TV vignettes focusing on Fitnesse’s key benefits supplemented overall communication.

Heavy TV promos were aired to build anticipation for TBLA. When TBLA was aired, we launched branded TV vignettes and Fitnesse TVCs, educating audiences on its wholegrain benefits. Fitnesse’s product was seamlessly integrated right throughout the show. When viewership peaked during the season’s second half, we integrated critical endorsements from trainers and contestants. Through clever negotiations with DIVA, we leveraged TBLA hype on Fitnesse in-store and on-pack materials, making it seem like TBLA endorses Fitnesse!

As one of Diva’s top rated shows, TBLA reached 1.2 million females, achieving 5 times ROI in benefits for Fitnesse. By December, Fitnesse achieved its highest market share of 34% (Nielsen Retail Audit), hitting annual sales target by November for the first time, with stock orders needed for December’s demand.

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TM Paints the Future with Upin & Ipin

Advertiser: TM
Brand: TM
Creative Agency: Les Copaque Production Sdn Bhd
Credits: Kagee Chew (General Manager), Susan Lim (Manager), Soh Ai Wee (Media Planner), Lim Nian Shan (Senior Buyer), Alicia Boey Wai Fun (General Manager, TM), Rohanah Jusin (Assistant General Manager, TM), Fariza Rozanim Abdul), Rahim (Manager, TM), Suhaili Kassim (Assistant Manager, TM)

The World-cup saw high aggression amongst the Telco players. Young-Malay-families were the biggest source of business for TM & TM needed to own this segment. In the wake of a hi-tech future of Malaysia, these parents wanted their children to adopt new-age lifestyle, yet stay close to the roots.

We discovered that in young Malay families, kids have a very high share of remote and parents often watch kids programs. Upin&Ipin was the no. 1 animation program. Much like children, young Malay parents loved it as it was close to their values and reconnected them to their fun Kampung memories. This was the perfect context to introduce TM products to children – bringing a charming fusion of high- tech experience with local soul and values.

We decided to sponsor Upin&Ipin and worked with scriptwriter to weave in different products of TM in a seamless integration with the storyline. Five dedicated episodes were written with three Ramadhan&Raya episodes dialing-up the usage of iTalk and Homeline with family bonding & festivities, one episode to stamp TM’s ownership on the World-Cup and a first ever SCIENCE-FICTION EPISODE which saw a seamless integration of ‘UniFi’ into Upin&Ipin’s futuristic vision of Malaysia.

Upin & Ipin garnered an amazing TVR of 17! making it the highest viewed kids program on TV9. The program reached out to more than 2.6mil people. TM cemented its position as a leader in the ‘Broadband’ segment, growing it’s subscription by a whopping 15% despite heavy competition.

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MSN Travel Sponsorship

Advertiser: Malaysia Airlines
Brand: Malaysia Airlines
Creative Agency: Branded3
Credits: Ang Ker Loon (Digital Manager), Justin Alanzo De Souza (Digital Planner), Randi (Manager, Catcha Digital (MSN))

With Air Asia pushing Koolred to build affinity with their audience, Malaysia Airlines was faced with the dilemma of attracting the right audience to Mastraveller – a website build to inspire people to experience the wonders of the world. We needed a right ‘travel partner’.

Catcha Digital, Malaysia’s MSN representative formed a content partnership with Malaysia Airlines. MSN had a captive audience on their portal that was interested in various Travel and Lifestyle activities which was ideal for MAS. Content for Mastraveller was hosted on MSN Travel to reach out to this potential audience and create strong association.

Content on MSN Travel was “powered” by Mastraveller. MSN Travel hosted weekly featured stories, fast facts, photo imagery, videos, location maps, and travel tips for destinations around the world which was enticing. Banner ads promoting MSN Travel and Mastraveller were featured all across MSN key properties to create stronger awareness and pull in interested readers.

Sponsorship successfully drove 370,000 unique visitors to view content on www.mastraveller.com • www.mastraveller.com page views increased by 351% • 2,700,000 views were consumed • 303,929,776 impressions delivered; 143,915 clicks to www.mastraveller.com and MSN Travel • Additional 3,000 new members recruited • Regularly visit the site – 300,000+ views/month