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KFC Finds Love Again!

Advertiser: QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC Malaysia
Creative Agency: BBDO (M) Sdn Bhd
Credits: Universal McCann — Rina Low (Business Director), Velda Kon (Associate Director), Lavend Ng (Senior Media Planner), Way Chooi Yee (Media Planner), Alina Tan (Media Buyer), Ullas Sahadevan (Director, Performance Marketing), Wilson Chin (Solutions Architect, Performance), Derek Tan (Executive Director), Yvonne Lau (Communication Strategist Manager), Angelyn Soh (Social Media Specialist) / QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd — Kelvin Hong (General Manager), Connie Liau (Senior Marketing Manager), Erica Tan (Marketing Executive), Sharel Samat (Marketing Executive) / Astro Radio Sdn Bhd — Sukhbir Sidhu (Associate Radio Sales)

The infamous I-City incident caught the country by storm when one server assaulted a customer. The debacle spread like wildfire. Overnight, KFC was infested with severe negative sentiment and became Malaysia’s hotly debated topic of the year. KFC was in danger of losing not only relevance but also brand equity.

Not taking any action would have been disastrous. Media agency recommend a fast and multi- dimensional strategy to counter the explosion. We first needed to contain the outbreak, then we needed to build a longer positive green line against the red line and finally we needed to give the proof-of-the-pudding at the heart of the problem, the KFC outlet. Search, Social, POS and Radio had the best mix of speed, context and affinity for each stage.

We deployed a 3-pronged strategy to CONTAIN the pandemic via a Paid Search campaign, using an interceptor strategy for 4 different audience Search behaviours of ‘Strangers’,’Onlookers’,’Activists’ &’Propagators’. Once intercepted we CO-CREATED positive advocacy in social media by using Facebook to gather ‘SoGood moments’ from them, under 29 different life experience buckets. Once consumers visited the outlet we CONVINCED them by refreshing the positive image of the KFC server, using Malaysian’s favourite radio DJs as KFC frontliners.

KFC turned crisis into opportunity. Sales +19.8%, transaction +15.4% and 0 cannibalization, pushing visit shares increased by 2x in Q2 2012. ‘Staff are friendly’ improvement of 71.4% vs our closest competitor. The place attribute around ‘Warm and welcoming’ improved by 100% vs our closest competitor.

2013 | |

Nestle 100 Years, the Biggest Crowdsourcing Campaign in Malaysia

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: Nestle Corporate
Creative Agency: McCann Erickson, MediaCliq
Credits: Mindshare Malaysia — Cindy Chia (Director, Client Leadership), Lim Suk Yee (Manager), Kelly Liow (Executive), Audrey Low (Associate Director, Client Leadership), Yvonne Tan (Senior Executive), Esther Loke (Executive), Christine Poe (Manager)

100 years of success and making its way into millions of homes and hearts is great cause for celebration. However, large-scale 100th-year celebrations marking this milestone may be seen as “pompous”, risking negative sentiments from consumers. Our challenge was to reinforce Nestle’s longstanding reputation, heritage and success without sounding arrogant.

Consumers are always more interested in stories about people than stories about companies. Therefore, we decided that the “Nestle 100 years” campaign should be co-created by the people of Malaysia, with their own stories as the building blocks. Of course, consumers are always fascinated by social influencers’ stories, so what better way to kick-start consumer participation than to get social influencers to share their Nestle stories.

We negotiated with various media owners (TV, newspaper, radio and web) to get their associated personalities to inspire consumer participation by sharing their own Nestle stories – TV hosts like Hui Mei from AEC Evening Edition, radio DJs like JD and Dilly from Mix fm Breakfast Show, sports editors like Zalina Mohd Som, comic editors like Reggie Lee, social celebrities like Awal Ashaari across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, bloggers like Hanis Zalikha, and many more.

“Nestle 100 Years” became the biggest crowdsourcing campaign in Malaysia’s history. Within 3 months, we garnered over 108,000 stories from all walks of life! Nestle’s corporate image improved 24% post campaign, and gained tremendous media interest, resulting in RM5.6mil PR value. Nestle closed the year with +12% in stock price.

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Coway gets customers go Poo-Poo and Loo-Loo in cleaner ways

Advertiser: Coway (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Coway Bidet
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Zenith Malaysia — Lee Tse Yoon (Planning Director), Mandy Chan (Media Manager), Juliana Chua (General Manager - Activation), Aaron Low (Senior Activation Executive), Zoe Moraes (Senior Activation Manager), Mahira Mohd Dahlan (Media Planner), Marcus S.K. (Activation Manager), James Wong (Manager - Media Assets & Innovation), Siar Siew Ling (Media Buyer)


Coway Bidet tried penetrating Malaysia for years, but failed:

  1. Malaysians have cheaper alternatives (hand bidet, toilet tissue), and Malays use hands to assist cleaning. Coway had to change intimate habits.
  2. Limited reach: products available at (limited) showrooms, no presence in malls.
  3. Talking about toilets is taboo.

Our insights:

  1. Young Urbanites are open to new culture. We changed our target audience definition and our sales approach: focus on Young Urbanites under 40 to change their mindset, and we positioned based on hygiene.
  2. The product needed trial: but had few sales outlets.
  3. We created touchpoints where trial is automatically generated, and drove call-for-action. We therefore devised a campaign instilling curiosity and acceptance.

We deployed multiple, re-inforcing media:

  1. Cinema, generating involvement
    a) sponsored Community Zone in urban cinemas – 15sec message about toilet habits
    b) partnership with JCDecaux – installed 19 Bidets
    c) Guerilla Attack – the 1st “4D Experience” in Malaysia’s cinemas (“Fake Patrons”)
  2. Activation, creating engagement (a)“Mobile Toilet Station”: creates product visibility –Health Advisors: hygiene consulting –47 locations, 3 states, 30 days
  3. Radio, driving awareness (a)urban channels for people on- the-go : 988, CapitalFM, SuriaFM, RedFM.

Campaign reached 4.2mil people

  • Leads 104% above target
  • Trial rate jumped 1545% in 1st month, continued 300% higher than normal
  • Sales increase of 153% in first month, which sustained at 38% month on month
  • Coway shifted toilet culture for 177,700 people. That’s lots of happy customers going poo-poo & loo-loo.

2013 | |

Love, Laughter and Moms by Frisoz

Advertiser: Dutch Lady Milk Industries
Brand: Friso
Creative Agency: JWT Malaysia
Credits: Universal Mccann — Ramakrishnan C.N. (Vice President), Chinar Joshi (Integrated Experience Designer), Goh Soo Mei (Associate Director), Cathryn Pak (Assistant Manager), Olivia Lee (Senior Media Planner), Lim Jia Hui (Senior Media Planner), Stephanie Chin (Director Of Operations), Chow Lee Kheng (Senior Buyer & Implementation), Anja Henze (Marketing Director), Van Tran (Marketing Manager), Christy Yong (Senior Brand Manager), Desiree Cheng (Brand Manager), Nicole Tan (Managing Director), Santharuban Thurai Sundaram (Senior Brand Manager), Lina Lim (Key Account Manager)

Friso had limited shares in IFT segment. It needed to win first time moms against the cacophony of pharma brands. To stand out, Friso had organized unique events nationwide called “Growing up together days”(GUT) to break through clutter, we had to get moms excited and attend the event. 

Friso believes that ‘experience is a child’s best teacher’ it’s about a child’s curiosity and the surprising discoveries that come with it. When the child shares these discoveries with her mom, the gleeful camaraderie that ensues is a priceless moment which will touch the heart of any mom. Media agency recommended to bring alive this experience of ‘Growing Up Together’ for moms, by giving then a unique and surprising encounters on various media platforms. 

Executing a unique first time ever cross platform collaboration with NST, a light activated device embedded within our print ad emitted a gleeful exchange between a mom & her child. Special Friso tabs on headlines & articles across online and mobile, narrated stories in a mother’s voice, interspersed with curious questions, laughter of her child. Covered by TV and radio, the GUT on ground event saw moms experience an interactive, fun outing with her child. 

We reached 84% of Target Moms, 12,298 mothers & children attended the GUT event. Campaign drove 91.32% of new visits to Friso Website, recording 1.1 million online interactions! Brand-shares increased by 32%, Friso’s purchase consideration increased by whopping 75% QoQ. Sales increased 21%. Total campaign ROI was an unprecedented 10.51x.

2013 | |

Serving Up A Delicious Media Meal

Advertiser: Malayan Maybank Berhad
Brand: MAYBANK High Net Worth
Creative Agency: LiTV
Credits: Zenith Malaysia — Jo Yau (Group Planning Director), Stacey Lee (Planning Director)

Affluent population stands at 1.7mil in Malaysia, and is projected to grow rapidly. Maybank recognized the value of this group as future High Net Worth (HNW) customers. –As a new segment entrant, (foreign banks were targeting affluent customers 5 years ago), Maybank needed to break clutter and capture attention. 

Riding on two insights a) Malaysians love food and b) K-Pop culture being huge amongst the Gen Y affluent segment, Maybank seized the opportunity to sponsor a TV program hosted by Korean Celebrity Chef Edward Kwon (“Edventures in Asia”, telecast on LiTV). –Maybank created an experiential campaign using TV to drive acquisition and usage. Maybank’s customers stood to win an exclusive dining experience personally delivered by Edward Kwon. 

A true partnership between Maybank, Star and LiTV. Each media ingredient delivered specific roles: –Spicy articles profiled Edward. –Sweet interviews on RedFM, CapitalFM lured the listeners to participate in the contest. –Meaty print editorial and ads communicated Maybank products, drove action –Peppery TV vignettes promoted contest –Fragrant TV promos boosted Maybank’s image –Tangy radio ads & online banners grew reach –75 winners won delicious private dinner courtesy Edward.

With an investment of RM 1 million, the sponsorship delivered return on sales by 758 times. –Delivered RM 758 million in sales, exceeding target by 133%. –Media ROI 7.64x, capturing RM 3 mil in earned media value. Maybank and Kwon had served up a delicious media meal!