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Daily “Lalang Sampai Menang” football predictions

Advertiser: Digi Telecommunications
Brand: Digi
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
The 2014 FIFA World Cup season is heavily saturated with ads. digi, a non- official sponsor, needed to leverage on the hype to acquire more users.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
During the World Cup, everybody is a football fan. Hardcore fans suddenly became the minority. We also discovered another important insight about Malaysian audiences: “It’s about winning, not about football”. Digi created a character, “Lalang Chong” that unashamedly mirrored the Malaysian World Cup fan’s mentality – support the winning team. The idea is summed up in the phrase ‘Lalang sampai menang’ (Switch sides until you win). In support of “Lalang Sampai Menang”, Digi introduced a daily prediction based contest where fans could score multiple wins with great value internet deals and attractive prizes. Digital platforms were crucial to create contest awareness and drive telco sales conversions via precision targeting.

Media Execution
We flooded digital space with highly engaging social ads (Facebook, Twitter) and ad network (GDN) targeting specifics ports/football genre and technophiles’ interest on device offers. On Facebook, we created a special football cluster (users with interest in football and sports) and used multiple creative copies to target these different audience, then set to deliver the lowest cost per conversion. We specifically promoted hashtags that resonated with fans during key matches to boost visibility. 5 different themed YouTube videos were delivered to keep the different audience captive.

Results and Effectiveness
We ‘lalang’ till we delivered 6,000+ acquisitions (target over achieved by 200%; average cost per conversion RM55); Ad networks (including GDN) 3,900 conversions (prepaid); Mudah, Lowyat, Facebook drove 2,800 conversions (bundled). Mobile rich media captured 14,000 selfies (43% of total users), ad reached 15,000+ unique users (13,000 visits to contest page). Business-wise for Q3’14 vs. Q3’13 : we saw mobile internet customers grew by 26.5% while Internet revenue grew by 40.3%.

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66,000 Moms acquired, at 9x lower cost

Advertiser: SCA Hygiene Malaysia
Brand: Drypers
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
DrypersBabyClub was a new online CRM platform for millennial parents. Agency’s role: drive membership (Moms with children aged below 3)

Insight, Strategy and the Idea

  1. Moms don’t announce pregnancy on Facebook
  2. Don’t disclose age.
  3. No seasonality for pregnancy. These factors make media targeting extremely difficult. But, we know Moms online behaviour varies in parenthood cycle:
    1. Pre planning:search for pregnancy tips.
    2. Pregnancy:ecommerce sites for baby products, Moms’ Facebook groups.
    3. After birth:parenting sites, Facebook for right diaper size, nutrition, child’s motor development.

STRATEGY: Mirror Moms’ parenthood cycle to drive targeted digital placements.

IDEA: We knew Moms are powerfully attracted to baby images that awaken their maternal instincts. Hence our media placement needed to ensure adequate baby images to grab interest. After grabbing interest, we could convey membership benefits, driving conversion.

Media Execution
Campaign frequency set at 3, maximizing unique reach. Focusing on mirroring parenthood, Agency selected following platforms based on good conversion history.

  1. Facebook: targeting baby pages and e-commerce. Highest budget concentrated here, for medium’s reach, visual impact (babies images).
  2. Search ads: convert active consideration to membership.
  3. Long tail strategy: Parenting sites. We had three optimization phases:
    • EARLY: A/B creative testing on colours, imagery, message used.
    • DURING: •multiple ad sizes to appear in more ad network websites, monthly creative copy refresh. •Arbitrage between mobile (high conversion rate, higher cost) and desktop (lower conversion, lower cost). •Determining saturation, to modify targeting, including: *Female sites included after parenting sites saturated *FB targeting changed from 25-35 years to 20-44,20% improved results.
    • MULTISCREEN: TVC with “sign up for DrypersBabyClub on www.drypers.com”, Search results improved 30%.

Results and Effectiveness

  • Amazing launch, 66,000 Drypers Baby Club sign-ups in 8 months, a global client record!
  • 28% increase in brand loyalty.
  • 17% sign-ups increase, during multiscreen campaign.
  • Digital recruitment costs 9x lower than client’s own offline costs.
  • Malaysia DrypersBabyClub becomes one of global best practices.

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Virtual Catalogues get 2.2 billion points redeemed!

Advertiser: Maybank Group
Brand: Maybank Credit Card
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
Maybank has many Cardmembers who don’t redeem their usage points. Points not redeemed are a liability, as bank needs to reserve money to purchase items and funds become locked up. Instead of merely driving awareness, how could digital media create impactful online campaign, that drives people to the ‘MaybankTreatsFair’(MTF) to for physical redemption?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea

  • Catalogues help drive sales (Shoppers’ Insights), both online and offline.
  • Consumers are willing to travel up to 20k to a mall(Kinetic outdoor study)

STRATEGY: three-pronged digital catalogues showcasing

  1. Specific targeting, on high traffic websites, as campaign is short-lived (2 weeks).
  2. Geofencing Mobile, capturing consumers and nearby residents, driving to MTF at MidValley.
  3. Catalogue ad formats to be used, to showcase redeemable items.


  1. Build a microsite resembling a catalogue, showcasing products.
  2. Digital to drive physical redemption at MTF targeting 20km radius.

Media Execution

Avoiding mass targeting as it creates low click through rates, we target verticals to increase relevance: travel, gadgets,fashion etc.

  1. DRIVE TRAFFIC TO WEBSITE, 60% of budget:(a) Google Catalogue Lightbox, auto- expanding upon scrolling, showcasing 300+ products. Targeting 20 interests.
    (b) Capitalized on Google’s newly launched Google Sponsored Promotion (Gmail ads). Targeting by keywords and domain (eg Lelong.my, fashion, gadgets)
    (c) Google Display, YouTube pre- roll, optimized desktop and mobile.
  2. DRIVE TO MTF, 40% of budget:(a) Geofencing via Mobile Catalogue Lightbox ad, Banners and Search.
    (b) Search execution: •included “location extension”, with Google Map, leading to MTF •customised adtext, matching highly- searched keywords: eg for travel- related keywords: “Travel Packages To Redeem, Use TREATSPoints To get Best Travel Packages At TREATS Fair 14′!”

Results and Effectiveness

  • Google verified for Lightbox: our eCPC is 5 times lower than industry, our 5.41% Engagement Rate is best ever for geo-targeting in MidValley.
  • 264,000 visitors to MTF, 8% higher than 2013.
  • Over RM20 million sales from redemption.
  • 2.2billion TREATSPoints redeemed. Truly rewarding results, worth cataloguing!