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Maybank Islamic The Power Of Simplicity

Advertiser: Maybank Group
Brand: Maybank Islamic
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
Maybank offered its customers a chance to win Umrah packages for a couple via
spending through Ikhwan Cards. Despite being the most effective & credible
medium, traditional newspaper approach had some underlying challenges: Conventional Newspaper ads only convinced 45% of the audience to take action. 76% of Umrah ads were completely ignored by the audience. We had to find a way to grab audience attention without altering the choice of medium.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We needed to find the best possible Ad format to build recall. We conducted an extensive research to find out which format worked better for newspaper readers. We discovered that no existing format performed as well as “Infographics”, 3Xs higher than any other format. This insight drove us and we based our campaign around Infographic advertising.

Media Execution
We pioneered the infographics format for advertisers in newspapers by partnering with
multiple Malay titles and was strategically placed close to Islamic content. Topics like preparations before going for the Umrah, Easy step by step Umrah Guide and Places to visit during Umrah were used for a series of infographics ads. We released four set of infographics and the total campaign included 12 full page colour ads and 12 half page colour ads along with 29 insertions of logo placements. This format broke the clutter with its graphical description of an otherwise verbose Umrah information.

Results and Effectiveness
18,032 new acquisitions with a total billings of RM60 MN+

Post campaign analysis: ad retention of 69% (more than 2Xs higher than traditional ads)

Contribution to the industry by making this format a permanent feature for NST.

After the campaign at least three more advertisers have opted for

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NESTLE Corporate More Value, More Goodness, More News

Advertiser: NESTLE
Brand: NESTLE Corporate
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
2014 was a financially challenging time for Malaysians. Rumors of an economic
crisis echoed through the grapevine. People were afraid to spend and Nestle’s
sales was forecasted to a downturn. The challenge: build consumers trust in
NESTLE to strengthen brand health and affinity.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
For the launch, we identified newspaper to be the key medium as many Malaysians reach
out to the newspaper for their daily dose of news. We got ourselves thinking: How can we deliver stand out and generate talkability without falling back to conventional buys? How can we also incorporate the ‘Lebih Nilai Lebih Kebaikan’ (More Value, More Goodness) communication in a newsy environment? The objective is to deliver real and relevant news that will thug at the consumers’ heartstrings hence we worked with the high reach medium experts – The editors, to create Malaysia’s first ever double wrap jacket! In this way, consumers get more with the same money they spend buying newspapers!

Media Execution
We created the first ever double wrap jacket in Harian Metro and the Star. For one day
only, the respective pages have been deliberately increased to 8 pages to cleverly
demonstrate the ‘More Value’ proposition without looking too hardsell. Together with the editors, we customized the entire additional pages with the following executions without losing the NESTLE essence: A catchy headline: ‘More News, More Value’ at the front page headlines Tailored-made editorials: We partnered with the editorial experts and crafted thematic stories tips in the form of infographics for families who are financially prudent in an economically worrisome time.

Results and Effectiveness
Our breakthrough newspaper buy reached 72% Malaysians. (Source: Clear

Within a short period of 1 month, sales have increased by 9%.

We managed to uplift our brand image of ‘Good Value for Money’ YOY. (Source:
Millward Brown)

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Petronas Corporate Interactive press ad rolls back time

Advertiser: PETRONAS Group
Brand: Petronas Corporate
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
PETRONAS had launched a web film in conjunction with Merdeka & Malaysia
Day 2014 titled ‘A Walk Through Time’. The essence of the film: remind
Malaysians of Malaysia’s key milestones over the years to portray the country’s
resilience. How could we drive the idea further through other relevant media

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Merdeka can become a time of nostalgia, with achievements post Merdeka sometimes
forgotten. Instead of a conventional Merdeka and Malaysia Day Greeting Ad, we decided
to reinvent the print ad to present real-life evidences of Malaysia’s key milestones.
Newspaper was chosen because it was the only medium with content dating to 1957 that
existed in 1957, and capable of executing the media innovation.

Media Execution
We partnered two of Malaysia’s oldest newspapers, News Straits Times and Berita Harian, because their archives dated back to Malaysia’s key milestones. The press ad depicted a fantasy architecture that combined the past and present of Malaysia in a creative expression of key milestones. Some of these milestones had a page number within the ad that navigated readers to another page of the newspaper. Here they could read a historical news feature related to those milestones, unearthed from the newspaper archives. This provided real-life evidence of Malaysia’s progress. We also collaborated to turn both newspaper titles into special edition during Merdeka Day itself on 31st of August 2014, highlighting national achievements.

Results and Effectiveness
We literally reinvented newspaper advertising by combining a creative print ad
and editorial coverage to create interactivity for readers. We reached 1.6 million
Malaysian readers, putting pride in their hearts. The ad contributed partly to the
astounding achievement of the webfilm, which became the most viral branded
video of 2014 recording 5.7 million views.

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Petrosains Tyrannosaurus Rex the News!

Advertiser: PETRONAS Group
Brand: Petrosains
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
PETROSAINS, a learning centre based on “play and learn” concept, had launched
its exhibition, DinoTrek 2 in Alor Setar, Kedah.
Its objective: to educate children about dinosaurs and the Jurassic period. How could we drive mainly non- urban, geographically dispersed audiences of the north to buy tickets to DinoTrek2?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
INSIGHTS: Northern region is mainly non-urban, and people lack excitement in their daily routines, as few events happen there. In non-urban areas, media isn’t so fragmented and newspapers are effective.
STRATEGY: We decided to add drama to consumers’ lives by dramatizing the exhibition itself. We brought dinosaurs to life in print. Newspapers allowed us to interact with consumers. Harian Metro was carefully selected because it is the No.1 paper in reach in the north (Source: AC Nielsen).
IDEA: We created the first-ever newspaper ad that transformed into a dinosaur through origami.

Media Execution
ATTENTION GRABBERS: For high visibility, we first created a mock headline on a
newspaper front page about a Tyrannosaurus spotted in Kedah.
SPECIAL INTERACTIVITY: To capitalize on the format, we included a special mechanic within the front page takeover. Children could make their own dinosaurs, thus living the PETROSAINS DNA of ‘play & learn’ through origami.
REDEMPTION: The origami dinosaur is functional too: it acted as an exchange voucher. Readers could take the origami dinosaur to the exhibition to claim a free dinosaur plush toy upon their visit, thus generating higher footfalls.

Results and Effectiveness
Our Paper Dinosaurs shook up the North! Ticket sales increased 14% after the
ad. Print contributed significantly to dramatic sales achievement where 125,274
tickets was sold vs. the original set KPI of 40,000 tickets. 190 dinosaur plush toys
redeemed vs. the KPI of 150. We successfully connected with the target
audience through “playing and learning” with the No.1 northern newspaper.

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There’s Nothing Like Australia Flip the Page to Discover the Best of Down Under

Advertiser: Tourism Australia
Brand: There's Nothing Like Australia
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
Despite the worsening economic climate faced by Malaysian travellers and the
high cost associated with an Australia holiday, we sought to:
1) Increase the ‘Intention to visit Australia’ by 20%
2) Translate the increased intention into actual visits by 10%

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Travellers rely heavily on travel information both online and offline, hence we knew
sufficient content was key in fueling the decision making process.
Insight: many Malaysian travellers were SKEPTICAL about the authenticity of the information provided due to the overly commercial nature of the sources. Holiday-goers are sold experiences that are more exaggeration than fact.
Strategy: feature the content as part of editorial, giving a new perspective on Australia by inspiring travellers to experience the country through self-drive. Revolving around the theme of Nature, Food&Wine, Journeys and Cities, the content aimed to spark interest, get our audience on the plane and on the road Down Under!

Media Execution
The Star’s urban readership profile, was the perfect platform to reach affluent Tourism Australia audience. We worked with travel editor to create a 16-page pull-out on special “wood- free” paper for better quality. This served as a destination catalogue of stories and detailed self-drive itineraries for each of Australia’s 7 states. A picture paints a thousand words, so each state was allocated 2-page spreads to feature the best sights for every destination, giving readers a glimpse of the plethora of experiences that awaited them in Australia.

Results and Effectiveness
The stories were well-received:
1. Reached total 290,000 readers nationwide, plus additional 81,367 e- copies, and available for download on www.australia.com
2. Increased ‘Intention to visit Australia’ by 30%!
3. Australia saw an increase of 24% in Malaysian tourists!
4. The campaign generated 36% increase in co-op partner leads
5. 10,000 additional copies ordered by travel agents to promote self-drive packages
http://www.tourism.australia.com/documen ts/Statistics/ABS_arrivals_Sep_2014.pdf
Consumer Demand Project,Phase3,2014