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HLB: Dear Cash, This Is Goodbye!!!

Advertiser: Hong Leong Bank
Brand: Hong Leong Bank
Creative Agency: Naga DDB Malaysia
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
HongLeongBank’s (HLB) vision is to be a digital first bank. Therefore, it’s critical to migrate their customers to cashless and digital banking. This is also in support of BankNegara Malaysia’s ambition to increase annual cashless transactions per capita from 44 to 200 by 2020. However, by June 2019 only 20% of all HLB customer base were going cashless and HLB’s ambition is to convert 40% of the customer base to go cashless within 6 months. How could HLB position itself as the leader of the cashless movement, accelerate the transition to cashless with their own customer base and ensure all new customers adopt a digital approach to banking?

Insight & Strategy
Two targets were identified which has the biggest business impact on HLB in the short and midterm. Millennials: 40% of the working population, the drivers of technology adoption, and the biggest potential for HLB to accelerate cashless growth and usage. Millennials however found the entire financial category deeply unexciting. We sought to understand what would appeal to millennials: 65% watched content they can identify with. Prime motivation to go cashless is rewards (65%) and promotions (55%). Less receptive to advertising product push sales (50.3%). Thus, to resonate and communicate with the millennials, HLB needed to speak in their language and appeal to them with rewards and promotions. SME: In 2019, 910,000 SME businesses were registered. HLB needed to increase the availability of digital transaction facilities to ensure that SMEs provide cashless payment options to their customers in a seamless and convenient manner. However, 40% of our target groups agreed that cashless was more a chore than convenience, and our consumer behavioral analysis revealed 3 reasons why “cash is the king”. #1 User Experience – There are a variety of cashless options in the market. Payment apps are not user friendly as it takes a longer time to complete a transaction. The main issues are slow mobile connectivity, legibility of QR code, and insufficient funds in ewallets. Therefore, there is a negative perception that cashless payments can be troublesome. To avoid the anxiety and hassle, consumers just default to cash. #2 Availability – Cashless payments are not widely available at outlets (eg;provisionshop/wet market/mom & pop shops) which makes up to 70.5% of SME business. These businesses do not adopt cashless payment options as shop owners prefer to receive cash. Hence this behavior limits the option for cashless transactions. #3 Security – 49% of Malaysian consumers think that contactless transactions will expose themselves to data fraud. Fear is the key deterrent to cashless adoption. Given these behavioral insights, we needed to incentivize both groups to change their behavior. Hence, we aimed to provide: Incentives – Showing that it’s simple to be rewarded by going cashless. Promotions at POS – Ensuring shop owners made cashless payments available at outlets so consumers could redeem HLB discount vouchers. Reassurance and Education – Creating content to demonstrate the safety and convenience of cashless transactions. Our strategy: Our big idea was “breaking up” with cash, a twist of humor that sparked a fulfilling new relationship with cashless payments. We designed a light tongue in cheek, shareworthy content that appealed to millennials and broke through their indifference towards banking communications.

We created a pathway to “breaking up with cash” in three phases using social media, search, video, KOLs, Boba activation, community seedings, and online editorial content. Revealing “other fish in the sea” We took popular cultural nuances and created three webisodes, each titled “ByeByeCash” to pay tribute to popular genres of drama whilst implementing the humorous idea of “breaking up” with cash. A Korean drama depicting a dramatic scene of a Korean woman having a serious breakup talk with her love, cash. A Bollywood inspired drama that shows an Indian woman storming out of her exlover’s apartment (who of course is cash). The Chinese drama depicts a shopkeeper saying a difficult farewell to cash so that he can enjoy a new relationship with credit cards. Our approach showed consumers and SME’s that there are “alternative financial significant other” besides cash. Helping them “find the right guy” We used multivariate testing to match and crosssell digital banking products relevant to our audience’s interests. We established a multilevel retargeting strategy for all users, to ensure cashless behavior is reinforced: Served tailored messages and promos to encourage more cashless transactions. Cross sold other digital banking products based on their browsing behavior. Ensured low interest rate promotions and cashbacks to encourage usage. Acceptance: Cashless is right for me We took over SubangJaya’s iconic “BobaStreet” an area that hosts many boba tea outlets (Daboba, TheAlley) for HLB’s BubbleTeaFrenzy event. At the event, customers enjoyed a RM10 bubble tea voucher if they applied for a HLB CreditCard or registered for HLBConnect (Mobile App) or linked their HLB DebitCard/i to WeChatPayWallet within a 6month period. The SME in return got an increase in sales from this promotion. We also engaged AstroRadioDJ’s and 26 millennials influencers. They built brand buzz and helped Malaysians better understand how easy, seamless and rewarding “going cashless” can be while emphasizing the benefits of a cashless lifestyle.

Media’s impact on: Performance within 1 month of the campaign o Reached 8.7M millennials across Malaysia. Over 71% of the millennial population o We had 3.7M video views with a total engagement of 5.25M and a 50% completed video viewing watch rate (VS industry benchmark of 44%) o Total website visits jumped from 84k to 234k (+178%). HLB Customer Behavior change metrics (JunDec 2019) • 48% (Vs 40% target) of HLB customer base successfully converted from cash to cashless in the 6 months period (client data internal postbehavioral analysis). • HLB achieved a 19% increase in cashless transactions (VS 2% pre campaign). • Increase in the usage of HLBConnect VS offline method compared to previous year: o +163% PersonalLoan applications o +61% eFixed deposit placements o +61% via HLBConnect transactions (bill payments/funds transfers/ewallet) • CreditCard applications rose by 65% vs previous year. Brand Performance • Buzz score rose by 26% from 6.3 to 9.0 (YouGov).

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How treating our customers like a boss during the pandemic made them love us

Advertiser: QSR Stores Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
Creative Agency: Astro
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
In Q4 ‘2020, KFC introduced the “Pandu Ambil” feature (curbside service) as part of the total KFC Self Collect service to ride on the MCO trend as majority of sales have shifted from Dine In to Takeaway. This new feature has made KFC ordering fast & convenient – users just need to order & pay online, drive to the store and KFC staff will then bring the food to your car. In the past, the Self Collect sales trend has been slow during the nonpeak season, tactical promos contributed to the uplift of the sales but couldn’t sustain the spike. Unless there’s a promo, Malaysians don’t feel the need to order via Self Collect. As people are encouraged to minimize physical contact from the pandemic, we saw the opportunity to: (i) Educate consumers on the benefits of using Pandu Ambil (ii) Convert Existing KFC takeaway customers to Pandu Ambil

Insight & Strategy
Pandemic & lockdown has changed the media scene in Malaysia. TV viewership has increased exponentially as Malaysians are encouraged to stay at home hence spending more time to watch TV. Our economy is also greatly impacted as Covid hits many business owners have lost their main income source and eventually led to permanent closures as they failed to revive operations during the hard times. According to MalaysiaKini, more than 30,000 businesses have shut down since the start of Covid19 pandemic up to September 2020. Employees are asked to work from home however, as 60% of the economic driver in the country come from of retail, services, manufacturing & agriculture sectors, these people couldn’t work from home efficiently due to the nature of their work and it has led to another worrying fact that they might be forced to take paycut, unpaid leave or even losing their job. As Malaysians are living in fear, being vulnerable to the potential challenges that they might face, KFC wants to make them to feel worthful again from nobody to somebody. Hence, our strategy is to: Team up with Astro and engage their inhouse talents for a branded integration campaign. We developed the campaign theme of “Tapau Macam Boss” as KFC provides the bosslike services to Malaysians who order KFC via Pandu Ambil. We “Tapau” the biggest Malay properties on Astro TV & Digital to build brand awareness & consideration through an edutainment story telling way with the use of influence power from celebrities.

By leveraging the high viewership talk show on Astro, we sponsored a segment in MeleTOP with the idea of “Parking Tepi Je so you can Tapau Macam Boss”. Social Video In the video, Izzue Islam who were featured as Atuk Kepci came to rescue Afieq Shazwan, the hungry driver being stucked in traffic by explaining how he can “Tapau Macam Boss” with KFC Pandu Ambil feature and ordering steps were demonstrated and ends with both of them getting treated like bosses by KFC staff right in their car. The video was released on Meletop, Astro Gempak & Awani’s social pages to create buzz online. Live Show The story was even extended to the live Meletop program. We had Afieq Shazwan to attend the live show by delivering KFC that he ordered via Pandu Ambil for the 2 hosts (Micheal Ang & Elly Mazlein) and Afieq was interviewed to talk about his Pandu Ambil experience with KFC and how he was able to “tapau macam boss”. Throughout the show, brand message was integrated and we have the animated lower third banner to highlight the promo whenever there’s a brand mentioned by the hosts. Branded Advertorial We also have Gempak, Rotikaya & SiakapKeli to educate the audience on the product’s features. Social Video 30sec branded capsule The campaign also came with the 2nd phase to sustain the noise in which we developed a 30sec branded capsule (cutdown version of the video) and aired across the Top 3 Malay channels on Astro – Warna, Prima & Ria for constant exposure.

OBJECTIVE#1 Change people’s behaviour to do pandu ambil: Drive conversion for existing takeaway users to Pandu Ambil without a tactical promo! RESULT#1: We achieved 25% more selfcollect conversions compared to the precampaign period. RESULT#2: 1 week into the MeleTOP sponsorship, we received 19% more Pandu Ambil orders than before. RESULT#3: We brought in extra 17% of daily traffic & 51% more new users to the KFC Self Collect page after the sponsorship. RESULT#4: KFC’s YouGov brand consideration metric has increased by 3points compared to the previous month. OBJECTIVE#2: Educate consumers on the benefits of using Pandu Ambil RESULT#1: Integration with Astro Meletop has reached 2.1mil of audience, and also achieved 40% of R1+ from the 30s capsule. RESULT#2: The social video has garnered close to 100k views across all platforms, and we gained 112% more views on MeleTOP’s YT than our expectation

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Advertiser: Universiti Malaya
Brand: Universiti Malaya
Creative Agency: InvictusBlue Group
Credits: -

Objective & Challenge
Some defined ‘macho’ as an expression of certain traits believed to be masculine while some defined as a personal sense of virility where many thoughts, they’re invisible towards any health problem. This misconception so problematic where common “macho mistakes” become harmful to men’s wellbeing. #OnlyMenCan campaign taking into consideration that topic on prostate cancer can makes men feel uneasy or weak. Very often this issue on prostate cancer discourages many men from doing the screening which resulting in late and often fatal discoveries. Thus, it’s crucial for #OneMenCan to raise massive awareness about prostate cancer in provoking manners which also sparks a healthy controversy while generate massive share of mouth about the statement problem. Subsequently, this approach enables us to leverage further to generate much welcomed earned media for the campaign, through partnership with unconventional influencers to lead the movement via video and a multichannel championing thing only MEN can do, which eventually changed macho attitude into healthier attitude.

Insight & Strategy
Our strategy is to champion the things only men can do, which includes surviving prostate cancer due to the low awareness of prostate cancer awareness in Malaysia where only 26.4% of potential sufferers heard of a PSAtest. The plight of potential sufferers shouldn’t be reduced to jokes/scare tactics, they deserve to be empowered, hence, we took inspiration from the barrage of female empowerment campaigns, turned it on its head and created one that champions the things “only MEN can do”, which includes surviving prostate cancer. #OnlyMenCan’s slightly controversial premise was intentional to draw attention and use that to our advantage: to spark a healthy conversation around the topic, and subsequently, drive education to help raise awareness about prostate cancer and importance of early detection. Unconventional influencer usage to maximise traction is important thus, Dato’ Sri Nazir Razak (being a survivor) himself get on board to lend credibility toward campaign to garner earned media to maximise the efforts.

#OnlyMenCan campaign ran across multiple platforms includes traditional media such as television, radio and print to heighten awareness and reach potential sufferers based on their media consumption behaviour through interview with topic “There Are Some Things Only Men Can Do”. Educational podcasts used to “keepinformed” on prostate cancer backed with Social media capabilities to engage and educate younger audience earlier so they understand the importance of early detection, know how to care for their prostate health and know who to refer to. We further leverage on the platform to amplify the buzz with partnering with high profiles personality like Dato Sri Nazir Razak and many more unconventional professional influencers from various background which earned us free air time. #OneMenCan campaign further elongate through articles published on various news platforms such as The Star while the microsite used to host educational funnel to reach and direct those in need to the right platform. The partnership with respective media houses allowed us access to mass reaching platforms, all in exchange for #OnlyMenCan related health topics and content. For example, our partnership with Dr. George Lee aka Dr. Sex, helped us create topics of interest and allowed us to access primetime inventories on BFM, The Star and on Social Media.

Bearing in mind of the limited budget for paid media while two objectives to achieved, nevertheless, overall campaign gained massive success with 143% increase in related searches. Within just one month, #OnlyMenCan recorded a staggering 8,600,000 million social reach with a demand for more content on prostate cancer awareness. What more? The campaign gained rating over 1,438,000 on television with RM2,000,000.00 PR value. This translated into over 4.3mil impressions serve with high engagement rate at over 500,000. Additionally, it’s shown increase in consideration for PSA screening amongst men with symptoms of prostate cancer while on, over 15,000 unique visitors which spent approximately 2 mins on microsite. Current clinical study is still on going (over the next 35 years) to measure the full effectiveness of this campaign in driving early detection. Not bad at all looking at ROI out of minimum budget.

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AIA Knows When You Are Asleep, AIA Knows When You Are Awake

Advertiser: AIA Malaysia
Brand: AIA Malaysia
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
As part of their new brand promise of Healthier, Longer Better Lives, AIA Malaysia shifted its focus to the importance of wellbeing of Malaysians. With media being primarily a push platform, how can we utilize media to improve the well being of Malaysians? Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPC, Views or View Rate has always been the norm of measurement when it comes to digital advertising. However with significant advancement in digital ad tracking technology, could we go further take a step away from standard digital measurement metrics and use digital media for tangible good? Aside from understanding the key digital media deliverables, we also sought to ad tech tools to measure the digital consumption patterns of the Malaysians online population and hence push them the right messaging to encourage these users to live a Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.

Insight & Strategy
Malaysians are getting more and more Mobile centric with audiences spending at least 6 hours online, up 23% year on year. It is not surprising that mobile has been the last screen they looking at before going to sleep. This heavy reliance on mobile screen time has been well documented in disrupting the sleeping patterns of many around the world . Locally, according to the study by the Malaysian Healthiest Workplace Survey in 2019, 9 out of 10 Malaysians working adult suffering from at least 1 form of sleep disorder or another. With mobile being the device that we are most connected to, we realise that we can reverse engineer our runofthemill 3rd party ad serving technology to monitor Malaysian’s digital activity. By tracking a user’s mobile device ID and digital usage pattern, we can accurately identify users who are consistently sleep deprived by measuring the time between their last and first mobile usage touchpoints, and the amount of ad impressions they have been served throughout the night. Our strategy was to combine the power of ad tracking and programmatic technology to remind audiences to get enough sleep for their next day activity.

Every time an ad is served from an ad server, it receives a unique bid request from the mobile device. We reversed engineered this to correlate the volume of bid request sent by unique mobile device IDs and mapped that against their activity level. Audiences were analyzed carefully based on their activeness by looking into the bid request from their mobile devices between 11pm 4am (which indicate that they are still active on their mobile during these hours). Using past 3 month’s data, we were able to categorized these users into 3 key segment by looking at the volume of vid request, namely Mild(users that had sent 1 5 times bid request to our DSP), Moderate(users that had sent 5 10 times bid request to our DSP), as well as Severe(users that had sent more than 10 times bid request to our DSP). We also analysed the time difference between their last ad impression and their next ad impression to identify people who have less than the recommended 7 hours of sleep. Programmatically, we were able to upload these device IDs as custom audience segment and hence able to actively reach them. At night, we pushed ads that reminded them to sleep early or that it is time to sleep. The next day, we remarket banners which pulls them to articles that discusses the importance of sleep. Both push and pull approach ensures maximum viewability of campaign.

As a first of its kind approach, our Sleep Quality Tracker initiative tracked Malaysian’s quality of sleep over a period of 4 weeks, from there we managed to record significant improvements in quality of sleep within the Severe and Moderate groups: A total of 184,208 individuals (28%) from the Severe group had moved from Severe to Moderate. A total of 145,332 individuals (34%) of the Moderate group reported a reduction in digital activities online and a significant decrease in Last Activity Time from an average of 4am to 3am. The Mild audience group also reported to have the highest engagement (12% higher) in our Sleep Banners as compared to the other target groups. On our key campaign page, our traffic to site showed an uplift of 34%, with AIA health product related pages showing a significant traffic increase of over 200% (from 23,000 avg pages views to 73,049 page views) compared to previous AIA Vitality campaigns. Further attribution also showed a positive impact on bottom line by successfully generating up to 2,058 leads (with 500 leads as the initial target set by client) that had been passed to our agents for acquisition purposes. AIA Malaysia’s first of it’s kind experimentation with ad serving technology to track quality of sleep has yielded further interest beyond the Malaysia borders with other AIA market currently exploring the possibility of implementing this in their respective market.

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Gegar Vaganza – Keriangan Dengan Setiap Pesanan

Advertiser: Delivery Hero Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Brand: foodpanda
Creative Agency: N/A
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
• In November 2020, many Malaysians had pandemic fatigue and were looking for ways to escape the boredom of WFH.
• Many crisis related empathetic brand messages had at this point become stale/too prevalent.
• Fresh ideas and fresh medium were needed to drive its ambition to become a household name, creating brand affinity as Malaysia’s favourite food delivery app.
• Foodpanda wanted to drive more frequent downloads and app usage
• And continue to invest in its brand equity as Malaysia’s top household food delivery app
Insight & Strategy
• Brand perception: As Foodpanda delivers right to our doorstep, essentially it closes up distance, connecting us with the things we need in our daily lives – whether it’s food, groceries or that soft drink that you suddenly crave for. It brings relationships closer as we send our love, care or appreciation to people we care about.
• Brand intent: We want to position Foodpanda as the medium that connects people together, whether it is family, friends, or even building relationships between opponents. • Knowing that the nation would tune in on Malaysia’s top singing program: Gegar Vaganza, Foodpanda prominently placed itself to feature in key areas within the program.
• Brand relevance: In Gegar Vaganza, participants go through roller coaster moments filled with highs and lows. That’s when they need support from each other as well as their friends and family the most. And that’s when Foodpanda is right there to connect them to their loved ones, providing support and the muchneeded relief to ease their journey when it becomes too heated.
• #GegarkanJalinan: During the production of the show, contestants were isolated from their family and friends for a period of time. We wanted to humanize Foodpanda and show how it strengthened connections for the contestants and their loved ones despite being socially distanced.
• By tapping into the high reach of our nation’s top singing program (watched by 15 million households), Foodpanda was maximizing its brand equity investment by embedding itself into popular consciousness

• From onground activations, to topofmind awareness on TV, to consistent chatter on social media, we were able to be an integral of everyday Malaysian conversations.
• Weekly integration between Foodpanda and Gegar Vaganza brought ties together by sending love, support and hope
• During rehearsals, audiences saw moments of bonding between contestants when one of them feels like having a soft drink and instantly ordered a few bottles from his favorite store from Pandamart to treat the other contestants
• Surprise Pandamart delivery from the host to judges to ‘Gegarkan Jalinan’ by breaking their tension from judging during the competition and another round of surprise Foodpanda delivery to front row audience from producers for supporting the show
• Riders were selected who were former pilots or air stewards, for example, displaced by the lockdown economic shakeouts and given a chance at a new job during the crisis
• Segment captured and highlighted on digital platforms like Gempak, Siakap Keli etc
• Added bonus: A special moment where our host Nabil directs audience attention and his appreciation to foodpanda riders sitting at the front row (in uniforms). He thanks the riders for their hard work especially as frontliners during the lockdown and dedicates the episode’s performance to them.
• 30 second Branded Promo ran with the big idea “keriangan dengan setiap pesanan”, showing how foodpanda connects contestants with their loved ones.
• Foodpanda’s brand was tastefully incorporated into production during LIVE programs, capsules, countdown link and red carpet, subject to Astro discretion and approval
• No blatant advertising of product/services was allowed

• The campaign resulted in some of the highest single day new user signups. After the show’s weekly episode was aired: next day increases in app downloads: +146% on Nov 29, +181% on Dec 6, +228% on Dec 13th
• Usage penetration increased 228% year on year outperforming competitor’s growth; app sessions increased by 158% and the brand achieved favorable rating of 95%
• The brand became an instant household name and achieved mass adoption nationwide. To date, there are 30,000 riders, 30,000 restaurants, 25 pandamarts and 3,500 shop partners registered with Foodpanda Malaysia.
• According to Statista, Foodpanda achieved market share growth of +75% outdoing competitors such as Grab (+62%) and other fast food (+16%)
• 7.5 million TV Viewers
• More than 1.0 million weekly viewers of Gegar Vaganza LIVE
• 49.8 million digital views on GEMPAK • 200 thousand (+24%) viewers on Astro Go/VOD
• More than 100 thousand social media mentions
• Top trending for 11 consecutive weeks on Youtube [Source: Kantar Media DTAM, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics]