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Legacy-Leaver of Media

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Credits: Joanne Yau Chok Yin - Director, Head of Non-Biddable & Trading, Carat Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd

Joanne has been in the advertising & media industry for almost 30 years. She studied graphic design and started her career as a graphic designer. With her passion to learn and improve herself, she continued her study in marketing and media planning which led her to a media agency as a buyer / planner and continued to grow her career as one of the planning lead in the agency. She is passionate, eager to learn and “yes can do” attitude and highly accountable has earned her trust in the group to lead a NonBiddable Team and Trading in the agency.

What’s Special about You & Key Achievements
Joanne is proud to be a loyal employee with 20 years in the company. Despite working in the same organization, she always challenge herself out of the comfort zone and constantly look for new things to learn and improvement in the rapid changing media industry. In her past 20 years experience, she handled few of the largest clients portfolio and high expectation clients i.e. Maybank, CIMB and Abbott. with her loyalty and passion, she managed to retain the key clients for more than 5 years and drove many positive campaign results for the clients and helped to grow the company billings and clients’ businesses. She constantly look for innovative opportunities and business solutions for the clients. Her key achievements, apart from getting the best rates and ROI for her clients, she has won 2 gold media awards and 1 bronze media awards for her key clients. She has built a strong team collaboration and went beyond her responsibility, convinced her key client to invest in CRM (Abbott Malaysia was the first country to kick start CRM among the regional agencies of 5 countries) and Marketing Mix Modelling which also helped to grow the revenue for the company. She conducted media training and helped many of her juniors to develop a strong media fundamentals and growth in their career in media industry.

Leadership Skills
As a team leader, she constantly learn and share her knowledge with her team. Encourage her team to upskill their knowledge in digital. She encourage transparency and always there for problem solving as and when the team needs her. In the high employee turn over industry, she believes that people management is not just about work, she has to show positivity and care and build strong friendship to maintain high retention of her key team members. Also, she doesn’t believe in dictating her team members work, indeed listening and understanding them and sharing of opinions are more important.