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Advertiser: Maxis Berhad
Brand: Maxis
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett Malaysia
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
Maxis lost its lead despite numerous brand campaign done in 2019, none seems to move the needle. Maxis wants to reclaim the No.1 spot as the preferred and trusted telco brand in Malaysia.

Insight & Strategy
At Maxis, ‘Always Be Ahead’ is a promise to enable our customers to achieve their goals, powered by technology and connectivity. Malaysians’ goal during the MCO was simple: To survive and to emerge stronger than before. Beyond offering essential connectivity, we wanted to inspire Malaysians to regain their positivity and inspiration that were locked down together with the MCO. When the MCO was first announced, Malaysians were struggling to cope with the new normal. They felt more trapped than ever, to the point of defying MCO. They needed an ‘escape’, a reason to stay put at home. Aligned with Maxis’ vision of keeping Malaysians ahead, we saw an opportunity to fill that ‘void’, with the power of technology and connectivity. If Malaysians won’t heed the government, what if we empowered local celebrities and creators to entertain Malaysians and encourage them to stay at home? Hence, the #KitaSapotKita initiative came to life.

Media Strategy:
We wanted to have the maximum reach beyond paid media, telling the Malaysians nationwide to stay safe, stay entertained and stay at home during the MCO period, our approach were:

1. Shared media We refined our mass target audience for the most cost effective targeting, we found that:
• 78% of Malaysians are active social media users
• 95% of social media users use the internet to watch videos
• An average Malaysian spends 8 hours browsing the internet, 3 hours on social media, and 2.5 hours watching TV (broadcast and streaming) daily Hence, we chose to focus our brand messaging by targeting the entertainmentloving social media savvy users, so that they, in turn, would spread the PSA message to stay home and stay connected among their family and friends – expanding the mass reach we need organically (all content creation was hosted on Maxis owned platforms, while leveraging on influencers’ social platforms to garner more earned media)

2. Earned Media – Strategy to pitch and negotiate for special rates and free media exposures for #KitaSapotKita initiative from varies media partners.

Bringing the best local entertainment to Malaysian homes so that they will stay home, stay entertained and stay connected. Kickstarted a movement with local celebrities and content creators to inspire positivity, with Maxis as the content hub of entertainment. Campaign were rolled out across high reach 360 media. Collaborated with
over 20 local artists and creators – Ayda Jebat, Amyra Rosli, Alyssa Dezek, Fatin Afeefa and TheMingThing, to name a few – for a social video callout to educate Malaysians on the need to stay at home, so that we can all keep each other safe throughout this pandemic. Once we got Malaysians to understand the importance of staying indoors, the next step was to give them a reason to continue to do so. Hence, we announced the #KitaSapotKita daily livestream series featuring popular influencers with Maxis social platforms as the content hub. Malaysians could enjoy the multiple 60minute livestream sessions daily, each packed with a wide variety of different yet original content throughout the entire MCO period. The influencers sang, danced, chatted, joked, confided & debated with fans on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok – truly turning quarantine time to quality time – while sparking a social movement to get fans to share their version of ‘entertainment from home’ with #KitaSapotKita hashtag on Instagram to support and inspire other Malaysians. The influencers’ livestream schedules were posted on Maxis’ Facebook and Instagram page, and for those who missed out the daily livestream, they could watch playbacks on Maxis’ YouTube channel. When MCO was extended in midApril 2020, the morale of Malaysians was at an alltime low. We saw an opportunity in music, as Malaysians turned to songs during the pandemic to lift their spirits. We expanded #KitaSapotKita to a whole new level with ‘Make It Through’, an inspiring original anthem. It became the first music video in Malaysia to hack the digital music industry’s business model by channeling streaming/download revenues to the National Welfare Foundation’s COVID19 fund. The song was released on all major music streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and even Maxis Caller Ringtones. Every play or purchase generated ad streaming revenue that was channeled to the cause. We inspired Malaysians (including COVID19 frontliners) to participate in the ‘Made by Malaysians’ lyric video, just by uploading their #KitaSapotKita video on Instagram. We negotiated with varies media owners to get a PSA rates. In addition, Astro came on board to be one of our main media partner giving us significant free media exposures.

Gained RM11.2mil worth of earned media exposure (TV, Digital, Radio) Overtook our competitors and reclaimed our crown as the No.1 in “Brand Preference” and “Brand I Trust” after a year of being No.2. Improved Maxis Social Engagements & Reduced negative sentiments
• 491,000 social engagements10 (Likes, Comments, Shares)
• 8,000 #KitaSapotKita hashtag10 usage on Instagram
• 9% decrease in negative sentiments11, outperforming initial goal of 5%
• 2% increase in positive sentiments Generated more PR reach than targeted
• 20.2 million YouTube, Facebook and Instagram impressions
• 28.2 million online reach with multiple mainstream media such as BERNAMA, Astro Awani, China Press and Utusan Borneo carrying the story, 6X more than Maxis internal media reach benchmark.
• RM342,800 earned media value, 4X more than Maxis internal earned media value benchmark. For the total consumption of all our video content creation, we achieved:
• 9.1 million video views
• 31,000 hours of watch time
• 41% ViewThrough Rate, exceeded internal average of 35% VTR. Bonus results for Maxis “Make it Through” Music Video
• RM500,000 raised and donated towards National Welfare Foundation’s COVID19 funds15
• 675,000 video views on official music video10
• 96,000 video views on lyric video featuring Malaysians10
• 137,000 plays count on Spotify10
• ‘Malaysian Top 50’ on Spotify monthly charts10
• ‘Pop Terkini’ on Spotify’s weekly playlist10
• ‘Malaysian Music Today’ on Apple Music’s daily playlist10

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Sunsilk – Miss Possible

Advertiser: Unilever
Brand: Sunsilk
Creative Agency: TBWA
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
Despite still being the market leader in hair care category, Sunsilk Malaysia saw consecutive decline in market share, mainly contributed by the decline of its core range1 to 18.3% in 2018 from 21.3% in 2015. By 2018, the health and beauty channel are growing at +18.5%3 with the market premiumizing. Market growth is driven by super premium (7%) and premium (10%), impacting all mass brands including Sunsilk that doesn’t have a premium offering. The decline is mainly attributed to losing relevance among its young audience. To secure its position, Sunsilk aims to grow and win over the upandcoming segment of Gen Z women by creating brand experiences designed to empower them to break through.

Insight & Strategy
We needed a wayin with GenZ audiences. Through focus groups and survey, we identified that 37.5% the Malaysian Gen Z women considers ‘building a career’ as the best starting point to build on the future they want to live. Having a career is such a defining moment until reality checks started to hit them. When they begin their career, they are faced with the many barriers of the male dominated world they have no control over. Full of optimism and hunger, the Gen Z women knows that the only way to overcome adversity is to believe that you can’t be limited by them. What does Sunsilk want to do? • Help Define the generation: This revelation inspires Sunsilk to start representing this empowered generation. • Help Shape their journey with them: As a haircare product, Sunsilk’s strength lies in its ability to shape every hair into great hair. As a brand, Sunsilk believes in inspiring and helping every young woman to shape their own story too. We want to be a part of shaping their chosen path instead of telling them what to do.

A platform for Malaysian Gen Z women to take over the narratives and shape their own story. With Miss Possible, we created a platform that’s align with Sunsilk’s core proposition of “Together we open up possibilities”. We aimed to spark inspiration through stories of Gen Z women who have made it and use that inspirations to inspire action among our audience.

This is when we launch #IniSaatKita (This is Our Time) – a rally cry calling out for young women to rise up and shine, with empowering messages in overcoming adversities, that they can relate to.
• Not just a video, but a Music Video! Inspired by popular Kpop and hiphop music loved by the audience, #IniSaatKita came to life in a form of a thumb stopping anthemic music video on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, featuring Gen Z influencers who are Miss Possible in their own right – young women who are making it in their respective career fields: o Bunga, Malaysia’s breakthrough hijabi rapper who also performed the anthem, o Amira Ayob, Malaysia’s first female at the Crossfit Games, o Vivian Foo, 1st batch of female cadets’ pilot enrolled in Malaysia Airlines.
• Calling all Generation Possible To further drive the conversation, we engaged with 42 Instagram influencers of different sizes (from macro to nano), across different ethnicity and career fields, to tell their own personal stories of empowerment.

(B) INSPIRING THROUGH ACTION: WE EMPOWER WITH SKILLS AND RESOURCES: We believe in not only shaping inspiration but also real skills that will be of useful to the audience. But as the pandemic took place, Sunsilk was determined to serve the community in the safest way possible. We conducted online masterclass on Facebook Live, called Kelas Inspirasi Sunsilk (Sunsilk Inspires class), designed for upandcoming content creators and entrepreneurs, where they could learn not just from the mentors, but each other, from the comfort of home.
• Kelas Inspirasi Sunsilk – Virtual masterclass for the community o We collaborated with influencers who have made it – Ain Edruce (YouTuber, actress), Shalma Ainaa (entrepreneur, cofounder of homegrown fashion brand, SHALS), and Bunga as mentors who shared useful tips and skills. This allows participants to be inspired by the mentors’ own personal experiences of how they achieved their goals.
o We also collaborated with industry experts – Google and Facebook, to provide professional knowledge in content creation and social media. Be empowered to act, generation possible. This masterclass became our key activation for the campaign. To encourage signups, we created awareness via 42 engaged influencers, social media, PR coverage and content partnerships with Beautifulnara and SAYS, just to name a few.
• Rewarding Miss Possible Participants was encouraged to join the Kelas Inspirasi Sunsilk Challenge for a chance to win rewards that could help them achieve their goals RM10,000 worth of video equipment, and a 3month internship program with Sunsilk to learn about marketing and branding.

Objective 1: Brand Growth Sunsilk shampoo recorded +40bps shares increase to 15.9% for OctDec 2020 period vs same period in 201910, on track to achieve KPI by financial year end.

Objective 2: Engaging Gen Z The 1minute music video by Bunga, Amira Ayob and Vivian Foo recorded 2.05 million views on YouTube On Facebook and Instagram, the video captured 4.25 million views Brand lift study showed our music video succeeded in bringing the message across and leaving a mark on many with 8pts Lift in ad recall (+35.6% vs benchmark) and 5.5pts message recall (+189% vs benchmark) We managed to get 4,116 signups from Gen Z women interested in participating in the masterclass. Influencers content alone reached over 525,000 netizens and recorded 3.58% engagement rate (Benchmark=1%) The campaign deliver over 127Mn Impressions on Digital Platforms

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Unifi: Connecting 198,000 buyers & sellers during Ramadan-Raya

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia
Brand: Unifi
Creative Agency: Grey Malaysia
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
In March 2020, Malaysians started preparing for April’s RamadanRaya. For over 100,000 Ramadan traders across the country, it is the most lucrative occasion because the profits earned during the month are enough to sustain businesses for the rest of the year1. However, on 18th March, to contain the spread of COVID19, the government announced a Movement Control Order (MCO) that included a ban on Ramadan bazaars and the closure of all nonessential businesses. We soon found out that an important core of Ramadan would be missing. To celebrants, the hunt for the perfect bukapuasa delicacies, the ideal bajuRaya, and festive décor, would all be taken away by MCO. As for businesses that were unable to operate, they’d incur an estimated 70%* loss in income. Our challenge: In a drastic situation which required drastic measures, how could unifi become the bridge between consumers (buyers) and micro seller, social sellers and cottage industries to keep the economy alive during RamadanRaya.

Insight & Strategy
Firstly, we sought to understand what would change for Muslims during a pandemic affected RamadanRaya: Small businesses and petty traders needed visibility to drive demand and grow. Small businesses are knowledgeable about their craft, but struggle when it comes to marketing themselves. 76% of small businesses felt the most important way to grow their business was to increase their digital presence.1 and they had the bare minimum of WhatsApp and social media as a means to transact with customers. However, unlike their big business counterparts, small businesses were not digital savvy to promote their business, let alone set up a new channel for sales. Muslim consumers: Families separated; traditions interrupted: Lockdown resulted in families being separated. Which meant traditions that shape the spirit of the season would have to be paused. Mosque Closures: Without the mosque or their community, Muslim consumers would need to find alternatives to keep their faith strong and to connect to God, as an individual. Therefore, there would be no more spiritual guidance from the congregation physically, which would lead to a greater feeling of isolation. A simpler RamadanRaya: No more massive iftar feast, no more family buka puasa, no more sedondon Raya. The tension: Celebrants were left feeling overwhelmed with uncertainty and frustration without knowing how to deal with the unfamiliarity of the occasion Our solution: Being true to unifi’s purpose as a technology and connectivity enabler, we needed to inspire isolated individuals and help SMEs make the best of lockdown. So, we created 2 solutions to ensure that #RamadanTetapRamadanRayaTetapRaya (despite challenges, the spirit of RamadanRaya will always remain):
1) SME & Petty Traders: We created an ‘online marketplace’, bringing buyers and sellers together to help local businesses gain visibility and grow.
2) Consumers: We transformed unifi from a ‘broadband provider’ to a ‘virtual content platform’ to help isolated individuals connect with the essence of

For SME and Petty Traders, we created a marketplace: cari@unifi The first step was to leverage on unifi customers base by connecting 2.5 million Malaysians with businesses who sell products during RamadanRaya. The agency recommended and created cari@unifi: A platform conceptualized from drawing board to launch within 2 weeks prior to Ramadan. From inception, we decided to create a new platform from scratch, rather than an off the shelf solution. So, we brought together our agency team of experts, which included website developers, UI/UX designers, and an eCommerce strategist to build a marketplace that could accommodate multiple sellers. Cari@unifi, materialized into an SME finder/ecatalogue that connected consumers and businesses for RamadanRaya essentials. This far transcended the usual, cold “catalogue” type approach (i.e. YellowPages), as we created a vibrant community of homegrown sellers and homebound buyers. Why is cari@unifi different from all other ecommerce platforms?
a) We provided offline to online migration support Since we created cari@unifi from scratch, we sourced for SMEs and petty traders across 6 Raya essential categories (food/fashion/home & living/health & beauty/hobbies/arts & crafts) and onboarded them directly to our platform. We provided technical guidance to handhold SMEs throughout the online migration process and created simple educational steps to enable transactions through their social platforms (i.e. Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp). We also curated engaging, entertaining content weekly (e.g. advice on choosing
the perfect bajuraya or a guide to best place to find rayakuih) and played matchmaker by connecting customers to sellers by interest and geolocation.
b) We provided visibility and exposure at no costs We promoted cari@unifi to consumers and drove traffic to the site. As for the SMEs, we provided advertising support. We got SMEs to submit their inspiring business stories, in their preferred dialect, and weekly winners were entitled to use unifi’s FacebookLive channel, unified and AstroAwani to promote their products at NO cost. Two grand prize winners were then selected and featured on AstroAwani for a ‘live’ interview on air. For consumers, we developed a virtual content platform a) We created a community. We amplified the spirit of RamadanRaya throughout the festive period by curating engaging content twice daily to drive lead generation for cari@unifi sellers. These Virtual Sessions were anchored by 20 popular influencers from media (RadinAmar), entertainment (DianaDanielle), music (SamBunkface), and religion (Mawi) who kept up the festive spirit despite pandemic challenges. It all added up to a vibrant, interactive, and authentic community that gave a big voice to small businesses.

Media’s impacts on: 1. SMES • SME acquisition: The agency team acquired 2000 listings on cari@unifi • unifi’s SME customer acquisition growth rate increased by 17% in two months 2. Consumers • The content platform drove 211,693 visitors to cari@unifi, of whom 75% were new. 3. unifi business • Organic sales: 13,600 new plans sold (unifi RM59 SME mobile plan), 11% higher than our KPI. • Achieved a Media ROI of 3.17 based on a spend of RM1.1M, with a cost savings of RM2.5M • KOL postings throughout the unifi RamadanRaya Campaign generated 829K views, 3.4x more views then initially planned • CostPerCompletedView (CPCV) for video assets was RM0.06, 88% lower than the benchmark (RM0.50). 4. unfi brand We received excellent PR coverage (media value of RM1.5M) from various media, e.g. from Astro Awani, plus testimonials from grateful SME owners.

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#KitaSapotKita: Business Edition

Advertiser: Maxis
Brand: Maxis
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
Credits: -


Objective & Challenge
The world’s leading economists and business strategists have all made their best predictions, but they never would have guessed that the biggest business disruptor of the decade would be a microscopic killer. On March 11 2020, WHO announced the COVID19 outbreak a pandemic. 7 days later, Malaysian government commenced the Movement Control Order (MCO). Lockdowns ensued; and overnight, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) suddenly found themselves not just fighting desperately to stay above water, but also pressured to fasttrack their digitalisation efforts. We helped rally SMEs to come together and inspire each other to adapt through digitalisation. SMEs struggled with unprecedented challenges including stagnant cash flows, heightened risks of bankruptcy or not knowing how to equip employees to work from home. And their usual support channels: business associations, financial institutions and peers, were no longer accessible as the nation’s focus shifted to the efforts at the frontlines. We set out with the goal to support SMEs across the country through these challenging times, but we could not provide answers to an entire community’s questions singlehandedly, or in time. If we could reach one SME business owner, then he/she can share the answer with six or more peers. We could then help spark a movement within the SME community to help each other weather the storm, and ultimately benefit Maxis Business as well.

Insight & Strategy
Various forms of assistance like grants have surfaced to help SMEs weather the storm. But what SMEs needed most were answers to their questions: “I want to sell online but I don’t know how.” “I want to get onto a food delivery service, but I don’t know how.” “I heard the government is giving grants – but how do I apply?” Yet some have figured it out. From our own customers who have quickly adopted ecommerce, to neighbourhood Nasi Lemak sellers who take orders via WhatsApp, some SMEs have hacked new ways of doing business using digital solutions. And instead of acting like it’s every man for himself, they readily shared when prompted. The problem? The other 920,000 SMEs couldn’t find them. Maxis Business is all about connecting Malaysian businesses and helping them always be ahead with help from technology. So, how can we rally SMEs to inspire each other by sharing their stories, knowledge and experience? 98.5% (over 920,000) of business establishments in Malaysia are SMEs and they have contributed 38.9% to Malaysia’s GDP in 2019. So, it was troubling to learn that more than 30,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have closed their doors for good since March 2020. This was troubling to say the least as SMEs form the foundation of our economy and employ more than 70% of the country’s workforce. To live up to our promise of being a true business partner, it was Maxis Business’ responsibility to step up and do our part for the SME community.

From one business to another – 1,000 SMEs sharing 10,000 new ways of doing business in the new normal through digitalisation. Featured stories of real SME heroes, with Maxis Business providing amplification platforms, guides, an SME Help Squad and digital solutions.
STEP 1: WE LISTENED We ran a snap poll amongst 200 SMEs
for better clarity of the challenges they faced. The results were unanimous: more than 51% of SMEs suffered business disruptions. They were desperate for ways to stay afloat, but advice offered by media portals have not been tried and tested.
STEP 2: WE RALLIED Then we sought out our heroes: SME owners who had successfully adapted to the new normal with our own customers who already had inspiring stories to tell. So they were the first we invited to the circle. We wanted to first serve the community, not sell. These SMEs were asked to share three practical digitaldriven solutions (e.g., digital marketing to find new customers, or using online tools to maintain remote work productivity) that they have successfully implemented to continue thriving despite the pandemic through selfrecorded videos. In return, they would gain media exposure and be offered the chance to become a Maxis Deals partner for access to our 10 millionstrong consumer base.
STEP 3: WE AMPLIFY We partnered with local English, Malay and Chinese media to get these stories heard by as many SMEs as possible. We also leveraged on owned channels on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, as well as our website and base marketing via email. STEP 4: WE HELP After they were inspired by their peers’ successes, it was time for SMEs to take action for themselves. But many were still lacking the confidence to take the plunge into digitalisation. To point them in the right direction, we created a series of English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese ‘cheat sheets’ across four key topics: eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Employee Upskilling, and Funding. We also wanted to make sure that SMEs could reach us directly for guidance. We repurposed our sales teams into a 100strong SME Help Squad that’s specially trained to provide advice on pressing topics.

With 7.6 million video views, #KitaSapotKita: Business Edition sparked a movement within the SME community nationwide. Maxis Business gained a 42% increase in web sessions, more than 1,500 leads from SME Help Squad enquiries and over 100 million online impressions. Campaign received over 7.6 million video views across YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn in 12 weeks. In terms of PR media reach, we received 63.95 million online reach for stories in various mainstream media such as The Star, Harian Metro, and China Press. The campaign garnered over 100 million total online impressions – 86% more than the precampaign period. In under 21 days, we created over 50 videos to feature SME success stories. Maxis Business also saw a 42% increase in web sessions during the campaign period. Over 1,500 leads were collected by the Maxis Business SME Help Squad — that’s 38% more than the precampaign period. We maintain our No. 1 position in SME brand preference against competitive telcos, we also gained a 10point increment from Q1 2020 to Q3 2020; indicating a growing confidence in our capabilities as a digitalisation enabler after the campaign.

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How does a Brand find Oppoturnity during MCO and create Brand Impact – We Wish You Well (WWYW) Campaign

Advertiser: PETRONAS
Brand: PETRONAS Corporate
Credits: -

Since inception, PETRONAS has been an integral part of the Malaysian society and has contributed to it’s growth and development. The Year 2020 saw Malaysians and the world face unprecedented challenges emerging from the COVID19 pandemic .There was a sense of unease and everyone was worried, in such a scenario PETRONAS as the national icon and a brand which has always helped and supported to the country decided to launch a special campaign to reassure both internal and external stakeholders. Further the campaign was envisioned as means of acknowledging the changes taking place in the energy sector to continue meeting the demands in these crucial and uncertain times.

Insight & Strategy
PETRONAS actively collaborated with all the government bodies like MKN, KKM, NADMA and PDRM and leveraged the information at hand to help develop a campaign which helped people feel a little better, be more informed and be more assured that everything was benign done both the government and by their beloved brand to help Malaysians in their hour of need. Lockdown and benign confined to home also led mental health issues, with some people not being able to cope up with the isolation and the general feeling of being worried. Fake news and incorrect information were rampant, which posed the problem of people not being correctly informed. A side effect of too much time spent of social news was the new phenomenon known as “DOOM SCROLLING” , where people would read negative news w.r.t to the COVID crisis, it lead to vicious circle of people continuously feeling negative and disheartened. All of this put together created a situation where PETRONAS decided to mobilize its digital assets to share a 3 pronged messaging:
Tips on how to maintain emotional and mental wellbeing
Showcase PETRONAS contribution to the COVID fight and how it supported frontliners. Highlight changes and initiatives by PETRONAS stall and teams to support the COVID battle.
PSAs during festive period and sharing the right procedures and protocols with Malaysians for ease of information sharing. With the world shifting to digital platforms and social media witnessing a huge surge both for information collection and for entertainment purpose, the campaign leveraged various social media platforms and bring a little cheer back to Malaysia.

The campaign execution was done in collaboration with PETRONAS and several governments committees, industry partners as well as voluntary support to provide communities’ support. The Collaboration efforts became a companion for Malaysians with more than 46 posts. The Phasing and flighting execution was divided into 3 main phases and 6 concurrently update phases throughout entire MCO from Mar 2020 – May 2020: Digital & Social Media:

Phase 1: Mental Health Awareness Drive (13 posts from 22nd Mar – 5th April 2020) While the campaign boosted 12 posts a day, the campaign also kept the community updated on the efforts that were being enhanced with omni party collaboration.
Essential Collaboration with Government (1 post on 6th April 2020)
Giving Back and Caring For our Communities (5 posts from 24th Mar – 14th April 2020 & 1 press release on Yayasan PETRONAS) Going Beyond Direct Business Requirement to Fill Industry Gaps (1 post on 8th April 2020)
Voluntary Community Support Efforts (2 posts from 13th – 30th April 2020 & 3 press release)
Cross industry collaborations to support authorities and the front liners to ease their burden (7 posts from 6th Apr – 22nd Apr 2020 & 7 press release)
Manufacturing essential medical supplies derived from natural gas is also ramped up to meet the spike in demand (3 posts from 8th Apr – 30th Apr 2020)

Phase 2: Give With All You’ve Got – A Rally Call to Malaysians & PETRONAS’ Staff Salary Contribution (4 posts from 10th Apr – 28th Apr 2020 & 3 press release)

Phase 3: Public Service Announcement (10 posts from 13th Apr – 1st May 2020)

Motorsports participation: PETRONAS Yamaha Sepang Racing Team local hero Khairul Idham Pawi has also participated in this project as all the MotoGP races has been stopped at that time and it is a challenging time for him as well as a professional racer. Nevertheless, he has encouraged Malaysians to stay fit and stay healthy via 2 posts with virtual connection built with his fan on PETRONAS and rally call for #WeWishYouWell #KitadaKita.
TV:Leveraging on the increase of viewership during MCO (32% higher in Mar 2020 vs Jan 2020, Source: Nielsen MY Covid Webinar), the campaign also reached out to Malaysian (TV3, Awani) via special report to ensure traditional media audience are not left out on the branding exercise.

For Malaysia. The campaign had achieve accumulative over 184 mil impression, 136mil reach and 13mil online action (13mil views, 284k other engagements). Average reach per post is about 3.6mil. The top 5 performing post from WWYW (based on impression) with similar investment are Post No. 3 DIY People Distancing, Post No.4 Food Aid to B40, Post 21 Menyinari Hidupmui, Post 10 Beli1Belanja1 and Real Time – PCR Lab. Malaysia CPM Achieved at average RM1.5 while CPV achieved at average RM0.01, which is the lowest compared to past PETRONAS campaigns. From the social listening, it was noticeable that Over 1,00 conversation gained beyond posting, with nearly 100% positive sentiments among Malaysians indicating Malaysians were nationproud of PETRONAS brand initiatives as well as retail efforts such as Setel app usage. Another observation via social listening, leaders in the medical field gave shoutouts to PETRONAS contribution which elevated PETRONAS image. Netizens were proud and supportive of PETRONAS. Announcement of CPAP prototype made Malaysians realized how impactful PETRONAS x Mercedes collab is making a difference to the world. Last but not least, the overall campaign has contributed to the uplift of the Top of Mind of PETRONAS comparing to other O&G companies such as Shell, Petron, Caltex and BHP. The needle moved from 34% to 61% compared to Q4 2019. The competitors on the other side are experiencing a decline since Q4 2019 from 46% to below 29%. (Source: PETRONAS Brand Health Tracker Study)