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Cholesterol in Fear, Nesvita is Here

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: NESVITA Omega Plus
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Soo Wai Ching (Executive, The Exchange), Audrey Low (Senior Manager, Client Leadership), Allison Chin (Director, The Exchange), Nestle Products Sdn Bhd


Milk is traditionally associated with calcium and bones, so consumers are skeptical of NESVITA Omega Plus’ (NOP) claim to lower cholesterol. Thus, sales were disappointing. We needed to convince consumers by providing tangible proof that NOP can indeed lower cholesterol in 30 days.

Our target is predominantly Malays. They are also fans of celebrity news, with radio as an essential source of entertainment and information. Given these insights, we milked the radio DJ’s celebrity status by recruiting them to participate in a 30-day NOP challenge! Listeners nationwide could attentively follow the DJ’s health progress with NOP demonstrating NOP’s efficiency to lower cholesterol.

DJs recruited into the challenge would drink two glasses of NOP everyday for 30 days, monitoring their cholesterol levels throughout. We dominated airwaves through extensive DJ talk sets, station promos and phone-in segments. Other than on-air weekly updates, DJs regularly updated their blogs and twitter feeds. Our commercial aired concurrently, further reinforcing NOP’s link to heart health. After the challenge, DJs aired their own testimonials of how NOP successfully lowered their cholesterol.

Results were incredible! During this challenge, NOP achieved the highest ever market share of 21.4%, increasing by 35% since 2009. Thousands of listeners showed support and encouragement on the DJs’ blogs. DJs successfully lowered cholesterol levels by an average of 14% immediately convincing consumers that drinking NOP lowers cholesterol.