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2010 | |

Upin and Ipin Celebrate Virtual Raya

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia
Brand: Corporate
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Susan Lim (Assistant Manager

TV - Upin and Ipin Celebrate Virtual Raya

2009 saw a new level of aggression in the broadband market. Young Malay semi-urban families were the biggest source of new subscriptions for TM & TM needed to reinforce its ownership of this segment. These parents wanted their children to adopt hi-tech lifestyle, yet stay close to the roots.

Upin&Ipin was the no. 1 animation program. Much like children, young malay parents loved it as it was close to their values and reconnected them to their naughty and fun Kampung memories. The timing was Raya and we found it a perfect occasion to bring alive TM’s role as that of a “Connector”. So we decided to take over a Special Raya episode and make TM product the gateway to Raya bonding and happiness.

3 new twists in the Twin’s tale – A TM Van spotted outside Tok Dalang’s house; a new girl at School – Susanti from Jakarta and Tok Dalang’s teenage grandson Badrol back home. On Raya evening those away from their family were sad. So, Badrol set-up the broadband and Tok Dalang Video-called his son. Susanti video-chatted with family too. Uncle Muthu checked out some Raya recipes online and Everyone had a wonderful Raya, thanks to TM!!

On Raya day, it was the No.1 program amongst the Malay Kids, garnering an amazing 5.7 TVR. It captured 1.1mil total Malay viewers. Highest incremental page view of 71% was also recorded by BlueHyppo Kidz club, generating 655,159 page views and 67,888 visits to the portal within the same month.