Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Malaysia Goes Brrr

Advertiser: The Coca-Cola Company
Brand: Coca-Cola
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Rina Low (Associate Director), Dzeti Mohamed (Senior Planner), Rajina Kaur Dhillon (Media Planner), Farriz Yousof (Media Buyer), Azhari Ishak (Brand Manager, McCann Erickson), Clarence Koh (Associate Brand Director, McCann Erickson)

RAD - Malaysia Goes Brrr

Against the backdrop of a tough year, Coca-Cola was best placed to refresh and lift the spirits of the youth. Our challenge was to create a buzz around this connection between the uplifting drink and the stubborn optimism it brings. We wanted youth to participate and share the brand experience.

Drinking Coke triggers a burst of chill through the body, that’s highly refreshing and fun. It lifts the mood, and can be contagious. Thus Coca-Cola BRRRR… was born. The idea was to make BRRR… the unmistakable ritual of refreshment. A ritual that was fun and whacky and highly infectious – something youth will really enjoy. No.1 youth radio station was enlisted to create curiosity and hype about this new colloquial taking over the youth by storm.

DJs started talking about a guerrilla going around people. Wherever the guerrilla went, people followed, recording people’s Brrr.. after Coke. Brrr-o-meters measured the strength of Brrr..s, enticing people to Brrr.. their best. Brrr.. squad cruised around demonstrating the Brrr.. effect to unsuspecting passers-by, who shocked and amused, spread the trend by calling up stations and Brrrr-ing others in turn. Brr..videos were uploaded by users on radio sites. The DJs continued to Brrr.. the frenzy.

The success of Coca-Cola’s previous radio campaign spilled over to BRRR’s activation. A soaring 800 Brrr moments was captured. Coca-Cola’s brand health increased 14% in terms of “cool brand”. Additional 5million litres of Coca-Cola were sold. To date, brand preference is still soaring since launch of the campaign.