Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Break Free of Boxes With Wifi

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia
Brand: Streamyx
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Chai Yen Yen (Associate Director), David Fu (Head of Interactive), Hanim Mazam (Media Planner), 
Emilie Gimbang (Assistant Brand Manager, Telekom Malaysia), Dentsu Utama

DIG - Break Free of Boxes With Wifi

As competitive pressures intensified from Wimax players, they tried to position TM as a wired internet player. This made it highly critical for Streamyx to use its Wifi@Home package to restage that perception in consumer’s mind. We needed to truly bring the proposition alive!

We found that if a household has wired internet but multiple surfers, then often members of the family have no choice, but to stay extra time at office to surf or students go to school library and surf, while someone is using it at home. Having wifi at home means you can work at leisure and you can study at home too. We brought alive this story via innovatively marrying ‘interactive synchronized banners’.

First banner communicated Streamyx Wifi@Home. Second banner showed two rotating visuals – a father surfing at work and a kid studying at library. Tempted, consumers click on the banners and to their pleasant surprise the characters react! The characters literally jump out from the banner across the webpage into Streamyx Wifi@Home banner where they can surf at home, together (the banner changes to everyone sitting on the couch at home and surfing parallel).

The campaign garnered 9.6 million page views, exceeded by 215% then planned.
Streamyx Brand Health shows that there was a tremendous growth of 197% amongst “insister”/loyalist from the past quarter, during the campaign period.