Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Listerine Mobile Mouth Rally

Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson 
Consumer Product
Brand: Listerine
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Samantha Tay (Associate Director), John Lee (Media Planner), Farriz Yousof (Senior Media Buyer), Ashley Koay 
(Brand Manager, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products), Gavin Teoh (Account Manager, JWT)

SPON - Listerine Mobile Mouth Rally

Young adults don’t see a need for mouthwash they feel brushing alone is sufficient. Listerine needed to dispel this myth and counter the taste perception of mouthwash. Our arduous task was to capture these elusive group’s attention in order to communicate the benefits of Listerine and encourage trial.

Changing the Oral hygiene routine
for young adults was not an easy feat to achieve with regular advertising, which they innately distrust. However the need
for peer approval can make them do anything – almost. So, we decided to draw them into brand experience, when in their clique, and make it the “right” thing to do. So we went where they are – outdoors.
We launched the biggest smile-on-wheels – the Listerine Mobile Mouth Rally!

The Mobile Mouth Rally is essentially
a truck with a huge inviting smile.
The mouth opens up to offer interactive learning on Oral hygiene, an engaging ‘kill germs’ game, a Listerine rinse trial and as a fun giveaway with coupons – Listerine bottle thumbdrives and germ-shaped coasters. The Rally travelled to hotspots across-the-country and unified education, engagement and trial in one compelling experience. Newspapers, POSM and cruisers rallied the momentum further.

The buzz generate by Listerine mobile Mouth Rally generated overwhelmingly RM 1.3 million of earned media, 42x of what was spent, which is vital considering the campaign’s limited budget. Total participants totaled up to 12,713, 32% higher than expected!