Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Generasi Hebat Anthem Defines the New Movement

Advertiser: Cerebos (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: BRAND’S Essence of Chicken
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Gurpreet Singh (General Manager), Chew Kagee (General Manager), Chai Yen Yen (Associate Director), David Fu (Head of Interactive), 
Farriz Yousof (Senior Media Buyer), Yaw Sook Yin (Media Manager), Hanim Mazam (Media Planner), Koh Joo Siang (General Manager, Cerebos (M) Sdn Bhd)

BRAND’S Essence of Chicken was considered as a traditional, Chinese health medicine that eager, Chinese moms forced upon their children during exams to increase mental alertness. To avoid saturation, it urgently needed to reposition itself as an everyday, lifestyle, Malay, YOUTH brand.

Current youth generation in Malaysia has very different needs and culture compared to previous generations. They consume media with low attention and avoid advertisements. We decided to connect with them through Pop Culture, and not a 30s TVC. First, we gave them an expression that only belonged to them. We started a movement called “Generasi-Hebat” (Generation-Fab). The song “Juara” (Champions) was sung by Malaysia’s 5 hottest reality stars and became the movement’s anthem.

Besides airing the “Juara” Music Video on TV, we showed footages of “The-Making-Of Juara” Music Video on youth entertainment programmes such as Melodi, 8tv Quickie & 8e-news. We got the singing icons on these shows to talk about what being a part of “Generasi Hebat” means to them. On Astro, “Juara” was played on a popular Music Video belt where viewers were prompted to download the song as ringtones.

It’s facebook of more than 16,478 fans are 80% Malays. 80,000 video views online. 974,003 Yahoo Search results for “Generasi Hebat”. “Juara” was a Top 10 requested song on 8tv, viewers voted it the Top Youth campaign. 15% sales growth.