Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2010 | |

Simply Fabulous

Advertiser: L’Oreal Malaysia
Brand: Maybelline
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Kerri Lim (Group Account Director), Shirley Toong (Group Media Director), Rafeah Siron (Media Planner), Christabe Fernandes (Account Manager, McCann Erickson), Sasi (Momentum), 
Lam Swee Kim and team (General Manager, Media Prima 8TV)

Maybelline’s brand of New York Chic seemingly owns universal appeal but suffered a lack of relevance and perceived achieve-ability among young Malaysian female consumers. Consumers were opting for home-grown brands that they were able to associate better with like Silky Girl. Maybelline needed to regain its ground with its consumers.

Research showed that while consumers love aspirational brands, it needs to be something they could relate to or be able to achieve. A reality show called Simply Fabulous was created, in search of the Malaysian girl with a flare of New York chic to localize the brand yet hold true to our New York heritage. Simply Fabulous was able to make the aspirational achievable by providing the winner a trip to New York fashion week.

Partnered 8TV in producing the reality show as 8TV has strong following of young urban viewers. Product usage and brand personality were infused into all the challenges. The show consisted of 25 web-episodes on 8TV’s website, which were made up of audition, short-listing and the contestant’s experience of going through challenges set for them to learn to be young women with confidence and chic. Promos, highlights and finale program aired on prime time TV.

Sales during campaign period went from minus11% to plus27%. Total website hits achieved 345,083 which is the highest for in similar genre programming. Simply Fabulous generated RM3,102,924.80 worth in PR, that’s 1706.78% ROI and 22,400 in terms of search results on Google, making this campaign a success for client.