Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

The Clash of the Titans with 100plus Football Xtreme

Advertiser: F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd
Brand: 100 PLUS
Creative Agency: Bates 141
Credits: Chew Kagee (General Manager), Chai Yen Yen (Associate Director), Velda Kon (Media Manager), Yvonne Lau (Media Supervisor), Jacinth Lum/Chee Pei Ting (Media Planner), Lorraine Tan (Brand Manager, F&N Interflavine Pte Ltd), Ajay Bakshi (Executive Creative Director, Bates 141)

With over 100 advertisers spending RM2bil+ on World Cup, 100Plus had to stand out. With limited budget and not being an official sponsor, it needed to increase TOM scores. Hence, Football Extreme Challenge was launched where players fought against the elements of wind, water & fire in a steel cage.

We had to generate excitement. But we knew that a simple execution would not have worked. It was crucial for us to capture the attention of youth who were exposed to massive World Cup clutter. Hence, we devised a unique concept. We pitched 2 media biggies to a Face-Off. It was 8TV against FlyFM. The TV Hosts against the Radio DJs. They had to battle it out under extreme conditions during the event finale.

8TV promoted the event zealously with constant updates on Youth & News programs. This enthusiasm caught on in other stations as well. Lead by FlyFM, the DJs supported their comrades on air. Whilst Online further fueled conversations and drove participation to the game. In the final showdown, the crowd went wild as the teams fought hard. These exciting moments were captured in a 30 minute program on 8TV.

The Outdo Yourself brand Outdid itself, reaching 4.3mil youth who experienced this event. Online fever generated more than 2.1mil links. Media value exceeded 2.6mil and we were able to increase TOM scores by 12% during this period. Whilst 100PLUS sales increased by a whopping 11.8%.