Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Going Places with CIMB Forex ATM

Advertiser: CIMB Bank
Brand: CIMB Bank
Creative Agency: Draft FCB
Credits: Wong Tse San (Client Services Director), Joanne Yau (Media Director), Kenneth Wong (Media Planner), Ooi Hoay Lee (Media Buyer), Suraiya Abdul Samad (Assistant General Manager-Marketing & Communications, CIMB Bank)

CIMBBank launched the nation’s first FOREX ATM, where would-be travelers could withdraw up to 8 different currencies 24/7. As no other banks in Malaysia have such innovative and forward thinking service, we saw this as an opportunity to claim our territory. But how do you do so with only RM80k?

Travelers are always on the look-out for travel information. They constantly seek for inspirations on where to go next. Even to those who do not travel, travel tales catch their attention too. Tapping onto this insight, we collaborated with TheSun to integrate our theme into their on- going travel column. Each article during the campaign was to be dedicated to the countries which currencies were offered by our FOREX ATM’s.

One whole tabloid page was customized to launch the biggest financial service innovation! We used captivating headlines to draw travelers’ attention to the page and our message. “The Lure of San Francisco” article was paired with an ad highlighting USD, “The City that Never Sleeps” was the headline for Hong Kong Dollars and the stories went on. Visually, we ensured colours used in the headline links through to our ad, bringing a seamless integration.

Using 15% less than the original budget (from RM80k to RM65k), we owned the travel column for 2 months, fully allowing us the opportunity to announce about the nation’s first ever FOREX ATM. This translated to 182% media value vs. the actual spends that was seen never before!