Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Amma, I Love You Everyday

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: Nestle Everyday
Creative Agency: McCann Erickson
Credits: Lim Suk Yee (Senior Executive), Loo Pei Yee (Executive), Audrey Low (Associate Director, Client Leadership), Allison Chin (Trading Director), Nicole Leong (Senior Executive Nestle Products Sdn Bhd AMP)

Full Cream Powdered Milk is mainly purchased by Indian mothers who are not particular about the brand they choose because the category has been commoditized. To build brand preference, NESTLE EVERYDAY needs to touch the hearts of Indian mothers and make them a fan of our brand.

Mothers are traditionally the most revered person in Indian households, but that position has been gradually compromised as children gets caught in today’s hectic lifestyle. We seized this opportunity to position EVERYDAY as the brand that remembers to value mothers and in return, mothers will reciprocate that love towards EVERYDAY. Radio, a key medium amongst Indians, is the perfect environment to deliver our strategy because it allows listeners to call-in and express themselves.

Partnering with Malaysia’s top Tamil radio station THR, we created “Tell Amma You Love Her”, a program strategically launched around Mother’s Day. We milked the DJs’ talent to recruit participants and stir emotions, while radio promos solicited love dedications. Listeners with the most touching tribute will read their message on air to their mothers who were emotionally moved! To make it more memorable, winners then pampered their mothers to a grand dinner, funded by EVERYDAY.

Market share grew tremendously from 28% to 37% during the campaign (Nielsen Retail Audit). Participation was overwhelming with almost 3,000 love dedications, the highest number ever achieved for the station. Winners were also very touched by the dinner event dedicated to them.