Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

BannerCam Turns your Baby into a Superstar

Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd
Brand: Johnson’s baby
Creative Agency: Rapp Malaysia
Credits: Ramakrishnan C.N (Executive Director), Neeraj Gulati (Director Social Media), Samantha Tay (Associate Director), Jade Chong (Media Manager), Saki Goh (Group Brand Manager, Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd), Grace Teoh (Associate Brand Manager, Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd), Chong Yee Ee (IT/Digital Manager, Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd), Lim Wai Yee (Chief Operating Officer, Rapp Malaysia)

DIG - BannerCam Turns your Baby into a Superstar

Johnson’s Baby of the year contest (BOTY) has been running for 18 years. It became more famous hence competitors started emulating us. We needed to differentiate from them. In-store photo booth has been a success. We needed to leverage on this for the new age urban moms.

A camera is a mother’s best friend. When babies arrive, mommies buy cameras. Handycam, Stillcam, Phone cam and Webcam, become mommies favorite tools to capture their babies’ beauty and innocence forever and for the whole world to share via facebook, via messenger, via skype, via youtube and via virals. The always-on world of Cam-mommies becomes the always-on-show world of Cam-babies. So we integrated webcams into unique BOTY banners to help mommies crown their little superstars.

Whenever mommies saw our online banner, all they needed to do was allow their webcams to capture their baby’s photo, which appeared on the banner, which could in turn be crowned among camera flashes like a superstar baby. Then with a simple click the photo could be submitted to enter Johnson’s Baby of the Year contest. In a first ever integration of banners with webcams, Johnson’s Baby engaged mothers via a surprising and delightful innovation.

The campaign reached 68% of the mothers. The entries grew by a whopping 49% over 2009 ending at the highest ever in the last 18 years. With this campaign, online entries became the 2nd largest channel for collection of entries very close to the traditional in-store collection.