Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Planers Foursquare up to Harian Metro

Advertiser: New Straits Times Press
Brand: Harian Metro
Creative Agency: Universal McCann
Credits: Ramakrishnan C.N (Executive Director Padmanabhan), Ramaswamy (Associate Director), Marry Tai (Media Supervisor), Nina Jayatileke (Media Planner), Zuraida Mohamed (Marketing Director, New Straits Times Press), Jackie Loo (Senior Brand Manager, New Straits Times Press)

Harian Metro the largest and the only growing daily in Malaysia, having 30% of total newspaper readership attracted a measly 9% share of Adex. Lack of trial due to the perception of being down- market and less knowledge, amongst planners/advertisers on the path breaking numbers were the key hurdles to overcome.

We had to micro target the planners as mass media was not cost efficient at the same time show that HM is sophisticated and cool. We found that most of the young planners were active users of new technology in the social space, so we decided to target them by using the most cutting edge location based social tool , Foursquare. We could seed location based messages targeted to the Media Agency Office!

We culled out 15 stand out facts of HM readers targeted at relevant marketing segments and showing the affluence level of HM readers . Each message was posted on the Geo specific location of the Media Agency head offices via Foursquare. Planners saw the message when they ‘checked in’ the office everyday and were then encouraged the alpha users to share the facts on their Facebook to capture the attention of their peers.

The response was overwhelming, the HM facts got over 40,000 targeted organic impressions via Foursquare and Facebook reaching out to the entire media fraternity. The increased awareness resulted in 300+ first time/returning advertisers and the revenues soared by a phenomenal 33% in 2010 beating their targets.