Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

MSN Travel Sponsorship

Advertiser: Malaysia Airlines
Brand: Malaysia Airlines
Creative Agency: Branded3
Credits: Ang Ker Loon (Digital Manager), Justin Alanzo De Souza (Digital Planner), Randi (Manager, Catcha Digital (MSN))

With Air Asia pushing Koolred to build affinity with their audience, Malaysia Airlines was faced with the dilemma of attracting the right audience to Mastraveller – a website build to inspire people to experience the wonders of the world. We needed a right ‘travel partner’.

Catcha Digital, Malaysia’s MSN representative formed a content partnership with Malaysia Airlines. MSN had a captive audience on their portal that was interested in various Travel and Lifestyle activities which was ideal for MAS. Content for Mastraveller was hosted on MSN Travel to reach out to this potential audience and create strong association.

Content on MSN Travel was “powered” by Mastraveller. MSN Travel hosted weekly featured stories, fast facts, photo imagery, videos, location maps, and travel tips for destinations around the world which was enticing. Banner ads promoting MSN Travel and Mastraveller were featured all across MSN key properties to create stronger awareness and pull in interested readers.

Sponsorship successfully drove 370,000 unique visitors to view content on • page views increased by 351% • 2,700,000 views were consumed • 303,929,776 impressions delivered; 143,915 clicks to and MSN Travel • Additional 3,000 new members recruited • Regularly visit the site – 300,000+ views/month