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How 10 Mobile Trucks Contributed to 10% of the Sales

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: BLISS Yogurt Drink
Creative Agency: Ogilvy
Credits: Cindy Chia (Director, Client Leadership Nestle Products Sdn Bhd)

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The primary target consumers for BLISS, a yoghurt drink that aids digestion, are young adults whose hectic lifestyle and irregular eating habits makes them prone to indigestion. How do we reach out to this segment that has a highly mobile lifestyle and may not regularly shop in supermarkets or hypermarkets?

Research shows that the typical young working adult spends most time at work, on the road or hanging out with friends. Given their hectic schedule, they appreciate brands that offer convenience. To cater to their mobile lifestyle, we created Mobile Chiller Trucks that carried BLISS’ advertising and sold a comprehensive range of products at convenient locations. This made BLISS Truck a moving ‘Sales Outlet cum POS Advertising Medium’.

We deployed 10 trucks in 4 market centres as BLISS Point of Sale outlets, covering locations frequented by our target consumer, such as offices, parks and outdoor markets. Promoters sold and sampled BLISS products while distributing brochures that promoted the benefits of good digestion. Wrapped in prominent BLISS branding coupled with buntings and parasols, the trucks become the most SOUPED- UP Point of Sale advertising in the country.

Sales from each truck were 50% higher than an average supermarket! In total, the 10 mobile trucks contributed an impressive 10% of BLISS’ sales nationwide. They are also more cost effective compared to conventional in-store communication (source: Nestle). This point-of- sale has now become an ongoing key distribution channel for BLISS.