Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Downy Love In-store Scent Tester

Advertiser: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Downy Passion
Creative Agency: Trinity
Credits: Ethan Joseph (SSM-Media Planner), Siti Khasiah (SSM-Project Manager), Asreena Ramdan (SSM-Project Executive), Fred Lim (Assistant Buying Manager)

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Downy Passion, a product innovation that infused Perfume Micro Capsules, a latest technology. Upon human contact, the product will release a nice scent. The challenge: To drive believability, win trial and conversion amongst competitive users, and recruit non-users. This will accelerate conversion of dilute to concentrated fabric softener.

We needed to deliver a premium shopper’s experience at point of decision and the equity of “Long Lasting Freshness” through the communication context strategy of “as if wearing perfume everyday”. The “as if wearing perfume everyday” was the experience that we want the consumer to feel. We want to amplify that with Downy Passion, they will always smell not only fresh, but ‘nice’, just like wearing fine fragrances.

Bringing sensory experience to life. In-store: •Installed scent testers closest to where products were placed as attention grabber. Most purchases were made right before the purchase •Scent dispensers were installed (contained actual perfume) where consumers can test the perfume onto their clothes to experience the scent and the innovation Magazines: •Samples were distributed in fashion titles break the clutter and norm of fabric softener category. •Amplified the idea with creative advertorials

•For two months, many curious shoppers tried on the scent testers to their clothes at the store. •Deeper Engagement with non-TV for ASEAN 1 / 2 •‘Final Moment Of Truth’ real experience of Downy PMC led to 73% increased in purchase.