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2011 | |

How We Created Multiplatform Content with just One Hit Song

Advertiser: Unilever
Brand: Cornetto
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Shankar Rajagopal (Director, Client Leadership), Anne Leow (Associate Director), Looi Yew Mun (Manager), Komal Shukla (Senior Executive), Thang Mei San (Executive), Mohd. Haris Ismail (Vice-President, Branded Content Media Sales, Astro), Judrieana Jamaludin (Media Sales Associate, Astro)

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Cornetto was losing top-of-mind awareness amongst restless Malay youth and needed to quickly strengthen its proposition as catalyst of teenage Love. Agency was challenged to “do something more” with Cornetto’s theme song and create an explosive idea which would mend this link

Malay teens are constantly involved with music, romance & celebrities, presenting a perfect opportunity to express Cornetto as a “conduit between love & music”. “Cornetto Inikah Cinta?” (Is This Love?) 16- part minisode was created as perfect response to the popularity of theme-song “Inilah Cinta” (This is Love). We created multiplatform content which could cut across TV, mobile & internet ensuring the content could not go un-noticed by Malay teens

Teen heartthrob singer, Akim starred in this mini-sode drama revolving friendship, love & music which cleverly wove in Cornetto’s brand- essence. Considering teen’s low attention span, 5-minute format was used allowing for many on-air repeats. Show was aired on two popular Pay-TV channels, available through free downloadable “Mobisodes” on cellphones (2000+ downloads) and webisodes on-line Live SMS-chat sessions, drama casts on CH15, celebrity radio interviews, SMS blasts, social- media and blogs also ensured teen interest was sustained

Cornetto sales increased 15% during the campaign period, after a stagnant year! Cornetto uniquely associated with “Brands linked to love” & “Brand for teenagers” – improving relevance 50,000+ online viewers showed excellent connection the mini-sodes built with Malay teens. (surpassed target by 160%)