Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Tesco “Pump it” Riders

Advertiser: Tesco
Brand: Tesco
Creative Agency: Rekka Creative
Credits: Alex Goh (Group Account Director), Siti Fikriah (Account Manager), Leow Mei Lin (Media Planner), Bala Pomaleh (Managing Director)

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We wanted to create a “big bang” to let the small town of Manjung, Perak know there was going to be a new international hypermarket about to hit their shores while working with a relatively tight budget, the challenge was to bring awareness to them without bursting our client’s pockets.

As there was a lack of traditional outdoor mediums currently existing, we had to bring the medium to them. Thus, to get the most amount of attention we would use five motoriders to invade the town. To create maximum impact, a total branding from head to toe with matching uniforms and helmets as well as an eye-catching lightbox. Combined with a interactive contest, it further garnered excitement from the towns people.

To ensure the most efficient use of their limited time, through research we were able to identify local hotspots and competitors locations used to create an intricately detailed timetable which the motoriders use to adhere to throughout the entire two week campaign. Together with catchy jingles, a brightly lit lightbox and a “Spot and Win” contest, the people of Manjung knew the riders were ready around the corner to give out stickers and flyers.

The anticipation of the store opening was proved effective when more than 4,500 eager shoppers showed up as early as 6.30am! The turnout was 30% more than expected. Overall transactions were very positive and on target despite a small town with a small population.