Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Invasion of the Avatars

Advertiser: RHB Bank Bhd
Brand: RHB Bank
Creative Agency: Interplay
Credits: Gurpreet Singh (General Manager), Jane Chong (Associate Director), Alex Yeo (Media Planner Faridah Ismail (Senior Buyer), Stephanie Chin (Head of Operations), Namita Navin (AVP-Strategic Alliances & Marketing, RHB Bank), ST Rajen (Strategic Alliances & Marketing Head, RHB Bank), Lee Ee Hui (Alternate Channels Head, RHB Bank)

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RHB wanted to launch their latest online banking offerings. In a market already dominated by several competitors, a typical print ad or online banner simply would not suffice. They needed to do something extraordinary to get their fair share of the pie.

We know that in the digital world, profiles and characters are represented in the form of ‘Avatars’. In that sense Avatars were the authentic virtual people -true insiders to online lifestyles. And so the bank these virtual natives would prefer and approve must be the best online bank. So dozens of aggravated life-sized ‘Avatars’ came into the real, physical world to revolt against gaps in current online banking, turning into a one-of-a-kind moving OOH billboard.

The campaign began with a mystery, when ‘Avatars’ suddenly appeared on public transportations and high traffic locations in Kuala Lumpur. They held placards with messages linked to the deficiency of online banking services in the country, which were later linked to RHB’s revamped online banking services when the mystery was unveiled. The campaign took a life of its own, sparking conversations and curiosity about the ‘Avatars’ across the Internet, TV & radio, supplying sufficient buzz.

RHB gained genuine street creds. 350,000 eyeballs were captured by our moving billboards which exploded to 1.5 million online views. Total buzz worth 4X of the investment was generated. RHB beat all expectations, seeing a dramatic restage with 22% extra new users, 17% more transactions and 26% higher online revenues.