Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Attract Interest Standard Chartered

Advertiser: Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia
Brand: Standard Chartered Bank
Creative Agency: TBWA Malaysia
Credits: Ling Lee Lee (Business Director), Doris Chin (Media Planner), Debbie Ong (Senior Media Buyer)

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With declining interest rates, campaigns advertising bank deposits have exploded in Malaysia. Our challenge was to cut through a highly cluttered environment where banks were running contests to drive deposits

Consumers were sick and tired of all the gimmicks used to get their business. They want a bank that gives them good returns; not a bank that offers a chance to win a competition. SCB offered the highest deposit interest rates and we used a channel that was not traditionally used by banks to drive deposits. Our opportunity was to “say it how it is” clearly, openly without hiding behind a competition.

We deployed “ambient walkers” – people in sandwich boards to clearly, simply and powerfully highlight our competitive offer. We targeted CBD areas close to our branches and more importantly our competitors. Interestingly, this form of communication is rarely used by banks in Malaysia so it attracted a lot of attention.

We generated huge amount of buzz and word of mouth with over 10,000 flyers distributed. Deposits grew by 67% as a result of this campaign