Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2012 | |

The Great Fanta Theft

Advertiser: Coca Cola Far East Limited (Malaysia Branch)
Brand: Fanta
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

Fanta needed to launch in Malaysia and win mom’s permissibility in a category perceived as unhealthy. We had to ensure that Fanta entered the saturated market in a way that only Fanta can do – playful, naughty, humorous, tasty yet healthier. Fanta is so irresistible, everybody just got to have it!

Fanta characters are loved by people around the world. We sponsored Ho Chak but decided to use it in a way that’s very clutter-breaking and very very Fanta. We made Fanta characters appear as animated overlays in the programme. The first-ever interactive in-programme animation allowed quirky icons making a surprising entry into the scene whenever Fanta was served inside the program. It was surprising and hilarious what they would do after that.

Ho Chak was sponsored as the platform to engage moms for 4 weeks. We made Fanta characters steal, fight, stalk, prance and do just about anything to get a sip of Fanta from the quirky hosts. Fanta is so irresistible everyone just got to have it! Hosts also talked about Fanta’s natural ingredients during reviews, defying current perception amongst health-conscious moms. Humurous and funny blooper segments were added to reinforce Fanta’s personality further.

Moms and teens hooked to Fanta! Total brand awareness soared by 225% with an immediate incremental of 340,000 new consumers rushed to buy Fanta resulting in a 50% increase in actual sales in the same month! A truly remarkable achivement in an extremely mature and stable CSD category.