Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2014 | |

What lenghts would you go for a Zinger Burger?

Advertiser: QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
Creative Agency: Universal McCann
Credits: Universal McCann — Rina Low (Business Director), Wong May May (Associate Director), Hor Jian Tsin (Head of Outdoor), Amy Yep (Associate Director), Way Chooi Yee (Media Planner), Nur Alina binti Abdullah (Senior Media Buyer), Ridzwan Ibrahim (Senior Content), Lim Yee Wen (Media Planner), Tham Hui Ying (Media Planner), Cheng Xiu Wei (Media Planner), Angelyn Soh (Social Media Specialist), Andrew Ong (Social Media Specialist),

The Challenge
Urban young adults love McDonald’s and Burger King’s iconic burgers whereas KFC was never known for burgers. It was a tall order to launch the all new Zinger Burger given its small brand share and weak top of mind. We had to disrupt McDonald’s virtual monopoly to induce trial.

The Solution – Insight & Idea
INSIGHT: Malaysians are generally lazy. Our QSR buyer’s research shows that consumers have this ‘never mind’ and ‘biasalah’ attitude, the tendency of being indifferent about things. But we know too that Malaysians are ‘kepoh’ and nosy and can be motivated to overpower their ‘never mind’ attitude if there is some novelty on offer. STRATEGY: Motivate young at heart Malaysians with disruptive tactics that CHALLENGE THEIR BURGER OF CHOICE AUTO PILOT MODE with insatiable triggers for the KFC Zinger Burger instead. Implement forced consideration when they are on the go with a differentiated out of home placement to create curiosity during consumers’ moment of truth. IDEA: Media Agency planned and implemented a guerrilla attack in Shopping malls, the hippest hang out place for youth. We seeded KFC’s presence with an unique ambient placement called ‘the Zinger Machine’ right in front of our competitor’s door step! Intercepting consumers and teasing them with the proposition of ‘what lengths will you go to for a free KFC Zinger Burger’.

The Execution
We placed the machine just outside McDonald’s. This is not your regular machine but one that intercepts consumers’ path to purchase. As the consumer passes by, KFC Zinger Machine is activated and as soon they show interest, Zinger machine interacts immediately and challenges them with simple but exciting tasks. Consumers were drawn like moths to a flame and it was hilarious seeing what lengths they would go to impress the Zinger machine. So many hidden talents were discovered from hip hop to unidentified dance genre, some cat walked, whilst some others simply declared their love by hugging the machine openly with hundreds of strangers watching. Sporting consumers were rewarded with an immediate gratification of a free Zinger burger! These smartphone and the machine recordings of these hilarious scenes sent the webosphere buzzing with Zinger videos. Even top notch influencers like Lisa Surihani applauded the activation spreading to millions of her fans. Once and for all, Malaysians proved that they are not lazy after all especially when it comes to the all-new KFC Zinger burger.

The Results
Sales +102% per store daily vs the norm. We garnered 1.2 million views for Zinger videos. Over 131,000 interactions with the campaign. KFC Facebook page gained new 75,328 fans. Brand score for ‘easy to eat on the go’ improved by 38%. The mall allowed us to carry on with the activation despite numerous complaints from the competitor as customers and their management were loving it! Now, what would you do for a KFC Zinger Burger?