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A Truly Beautiful Hour with Panasonic

Advertiser: Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Brand: Panasonic Beauty
Creative Agency: Naga DDB Sdn Bhd
Credits: Vizeum Media Services — How Yuan Yi (Client Services Director), Mandy Liew (Assistant Media Manager), Kwan Wei Mun ( Senior Media Buyer), Sim Beng Geok (Head of Client Services) / Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd — Allan Wong (GM of Planning Department), Sasaki Hidekazu (Marketing Director), Jonathan Ang (GM of Home Appliances & Beauty), Steven Yap (Marketing Manager of Home Appliances & Beauty), Stella Lim (Marketing Executive of Home Appliances & Beauty)

Panasonic is a traditional electronics giant but now aims to develop a new market segment; Female range of beauty products. How can we support the brand expression Beauty of Empowerment, to make it meaningful and relatable to modern working Females and not merely another Female marketing campaign?

Having rolled out of bed in the morning, they see a zombie staring back at them. They know beauty is empowerment and the one hour in the morning, prepping and primping is crucial to give them the confidence to face the day. But it’s hard work! Women will desperately believe in quick miracle fixes. Combining these insights, Panasonic Beauty partnered with CapitalFM and went on a journey of discovery and learning based on shared experiences.

“A Truly Beautiful Hour with Panasonic” sponsorship consist of:-

  1. “Beauty Horror Experience” where personal beauty mishaps stories were shared by DJs, blogger and callers.
  2. “Beauty Exchange” –results from using Panasonic beauty products heard on CapitalFM and seen in videos uploaded to Youtube
  3. “Beauty Tips” –smart and quick fixes All seven Panasonic Beauty products were tested and reviewed by DJs and good-looking bloggers, loving the product functionality and gorgeous results it produced.

Commissioned research showed:- Panasonic Beauty as a highly trusted brand. 88% enjoyed A Truly Beautiful Hour. Youtube product tutorial by the bloggers enjoyed more than 26,000 views. Callers kept coming in after the campaign was over, keen to share their experience. Sales exceeded projection by 2X.