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Owning Radio with Guilt-Free Snacking

Advertiser: Mamee Double Decker
Brand: Mister Potato Rice Crisp
Creative Agency:
Credits: Vizeum Media Services — How Yuan Yi (Client Services Director), Vincent Loong (Senior Media Planner), Queenie Pang (Senior Media Buyer), Sim Beng Geok (Head of Client Services) / Mamee Double Decker — Pierre Pang (Group GM of Sales & Marketing), Cheryl Yong (Senior Brand Manager)

Snacking is bad for you and makes you fat! This is what women believe in. How do we break the myth and convince ladies that Mister Potato Rice Crisps, developed as the leaner and healthier alternative to potato chips is indeed a healthy guilt free snack? 

Women are very conscious of what they put into their mouth. They love to snack but often feel guilty after snacking. They know this feeling, they hold on to it and it stops them from reaching out to the bag of chips. We must demonstrate the pleasure and satisfaction from snacking Rice Crisps can bring. That it is a guilt-free snack worthy of their stomach space! Enter Capital FM, the station women trust.

We deployed a creative scheduling strategy, managing various executions synergistically. With less than RM40,000, we dominated Capital FM for a month:-

  1. Six DJs going the extra mile to weave Rice Crisps subtly into their talk set – favourite snack (Endorsement)
  2. At key snacking times, DJs re- iterate the joy of light snacking (Reminders)
  3. “Jam Break” sub segment related food, travel and lifestyle (Lifestyle relevance)
  4. Customized live liners running throughout the day (USP).

For just RM40k, campaign ROI was more than 300%. DJ’s round the clock endorsements and reminders were worth more than RM100k. They convinced more than 112k female that it is possible to snack guilt free. By carefully mapping our message to moments of maximum motivation, MPRC sales grew 13%.