Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Winning Malaysian Hearts

Advertiser: Mamee Double Decker (M) Bhd
Brand: Mister Potato
Creative Agency: Spin Communications Sdn Bhd
Credits: How Yuan Yi (Media Director), Vincent Loong (Media Planner), Mandy Liew (Senior Media Planner), Sim Beng Geok (Client Services Director), Pierre Pang (Deputy General Manager, Mamee Double Decker [M] Bhd), Cheok Ching Won (Marketing Manager, Mamee Double Decker [M] Bhd), Cheryl Yong (Brand Manager, Mamee Double Decker [M] Bhd)

OOHM - winning malaysian hearts

MisterPotato is the Number One snack made by a Malaysian company. Can we leverage on our Malaysian heritage in a truly humble way? How can a single outdoor site move from static to kinetic. From mere branding, to building deeper connections with all Malaysians?

Whilst the world is moving on, Malaysian hearts are still touched by customs and traditions. We have a strong sense of community. This makes us uniquely Malaysian. MisterPotato weaved into the fabric of Malaysian society and touched hearts by bringing “Projek Angkat Rumah” to the people. A unique Outdoor experience which powered Earned media. With pride, hundreds of young people experienced first-hand “Projek Angkat Rumah”. By moving a kampung house, we moved mountains (brand engagement).

One day media stunt did it all at zero media cost! We built a whole out-of-home experience around Projek Angkat Rumah. A ‘walking house’ escorted by Mister Potato mascot and his mariachis created strong and lasting images people liked. The entire “kampung” house moved from Sentul to KLPAC. Red sombrero hats were given out. Mariachis cheered the participants who munched happily on MisterPotato chips. The full day festivities closed with a MisterPotato kenduri feast.

The out-of-home experience cost Zero but seen by 9.3 million people. Value went beyond Live event through EARNED media. Front page coverage in major newspapers and TV primetime news, valued at RM1.35million. Across social media platforms, conversations went on for days. The campaign further increased market share by 16%.