Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

An Exclusive Ride Down The Lego-Brick Road!

Advertiser: Legoland Malaysia
Brand: Legoland
Creative Agency: Astro Radio
Credits: Mindshare Malaysia — Audrey Low (Associate Director, Client Leadership), Rebekkah Paulette (Senior Executive), Samantha Tan (Executive), Terri Liw (Executive), Legoland Malaysia

Even though Legoland was recently launched, no one really knew what it was all about. Many had misconceptions that it was just another theme park with comparatively extravagant prices for the average Joe. We had to change this perception, and fast! 

Seeing is believing, thus we needed people to experience the difference of Legoland versus other theme parks. So we gave them a Legoland tour without physically bringing them there. Leveraging on a high reach, cost efficient medium, we developed a radio campaign to showcase the wonders of Legoland. However, the campaign needed to be visually driven, which radio couldn’t provide. Thus, we commissioned popular radio DJs to bring it to life with video linked contests. 

We partnered with key stations HITZ, ERA and MY and engaged each station’s popular DJs to create a series of videos showcasing all the key attractions of the park. DJ’s also spoke about their fun and exciting adventures on air, completing the Legoland experience for the listeners. 14 videos were featured on the respective stations’ website. Listeners had to watch the videos to compete in the on air radio contest and win tickets to Legoland. 

The results were astonishing! Unaided awareness levels increased to 98%, much higher than projected. Legoland was listed as the top theme parks to visit, while the intention to visit surged up to 83%. Ticket sales spiked up to 200% by year end, greatly exceeding expectations. Now everyone knows LEGOLAND Malaysia.