Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

Upin & Ipin co-host Raya with You

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia
Brand: TM
Creative Agency: Marvelous (Part of IPG Mediabrands)
Credits: Neeraj Gulati (Executive Director – Social Media&Digital Inte), Joshua Ong (Social Media Specialist), Susan Lim (Media Manager), Horina Yusop (Associate Director)

Every year millions are spent on festive greetings creating a sea of sameness. TM faced huge challenge of engaging the young alpha consumers, their interaction with media was “flirtatious” and cynicism for brand ads was high. We needed to create an interaction to make the festive ad worth its while.

We understood how greetings were exchanged amongst young alpha’s, and found two key insights:

  1. Facebook was pivotal to social interaction
  2. They wanted to be a part of the content. Media Agency recommended challenging the status quo, and designed a unique “Hyper Personalized” story where users were the hero. We needed icons who had mass appeal, and were rooted in pop culture to popularize the platform, we found our answer in Upin & Ipin.

A facebook story was developed with the use of Social Graph, and magic unfolded when users saw Upin and Ipin visting “their” house, and realizing that they have common friends with, whose pictures were displayed. They visited “user’s” kitchen and wished “their friends” Selamat Hari Raya. Each user saw a hyper personalised story with the “him” being the hero. Each interaction resulted in a unique hyper personalized branded video, with “user” as the hero.

The customization struck a chord; people from 18 countries created & shared more than 43,649 unique personalised stories! It garnered 1.2 million organic impressions generating earned media 19 times the media investment. Brand Markov scores increased by 52 %. Huge volumes of sharing led to servers crashing within 3 days.