Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

Inspiring Co-Creation by Windows8

Advertiser: Microsoft
Brand: Microsoft Windows
Creative Agency: Interplay (Part of IPG Mediabrands)
Credits: Universal McCann — Jane Chong (Associate Director), Alex Yeo (Senior Media Planner), Neeraj Gulati (Executive Director), Abhishek Bhattacharjee (Associate Director), Rahayu Rashid (Chief Producer), Pollyanna George (Project Leader), Ridzwan Ibrahim (Senior Content), Cecillia Wong (Implementation Buyer) / Microsoft (Malaysia) — Geraldine Wong (Centralized Marketing Organization Lead), Wo Ai Mee (IMC Manager), Daryl Yeap (Associate Marketing Manager)

Windows 8, the world’s most advanced OS, was coming to Malaysia and faced stiff competition from reverence towards Apple by the key opinions leaders. The challenge was to bring alive the open, inclusive, co -creative personality of Windows 8, against the monolithic, opaque, top-down and closed approach of Apple. 

We figured Apple’s magic lay in artistic alpha trendsetters, and not the masses. We identified that the two biggest trendsetting segments in Malaysia as music and fashion, passion groups. Media agency recommended to create a fully crowdsourced fashion line and music collection using Windows 8 as the enabler. We devised a campaign that will use digital technology to the hilt to maximize people power to trigger off inspiring artistic creations amongst the passion groups. 

We partnered with Noh & Nina, Malaysia pop culture icons. They created their next musical composition and fashion line getting inspired by the sights and sounds of Malaysia.  Passion groups answered the call and contributed whole heartedly to Noh & Nina’s quest via mobile, websites and Facebook. A myriad of inspiring images & sounds were contributed for co -creation, right from the sound of the LRT, chatter at a mamak to red girl at Georgetown.

The campaign reached 10.2 million people. It generated 1.6 million organic online impressions. Thousands of app downloads happened across operating systems, with 6349 entries being received. Windows 8 sales grew to become 51% of the entire Windows OS sales volume.