Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2013 | |

Coway gets customers go Poo-Poo and Loo-Loo in cleaner ways

Advertiser: Coway (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Coway Bidet
Creative Agency: -
Credits: Zenith Malaysia — Lee Tse Yoon (Planning Director), Mandy Chan (Media Manager), Juliana Chua (General Manager - Activation), Aaron Low (Senior Activation Executive), Zoe Moraes (Senior Activation Manager), Mahira Mohd Dahlan (Media Planner), Marcus S.K. (Activation Manager), James Wong (Manager - Media Assets & Innovation), Siar Siew Ling (Media Buyer)


Coway Bidet tried penetrating Malaysia for years, but failed:

  1. Malaysians have cheaper alternatives (hand bidet, toilet tissue), and Malays use hands to assist cleaning. Coway had to change intimate habits.
  2. Limited reach: products available at (limited) showrooms, no presence in malls.
  3. Talking about toilets is taboo.

Our insights:

  1. Young Urbanites are open to new culture. We changed our target audience definition and our sales approach: focus on Young Urbanites under 40 to change their mindset, and we positioned based on hygiene.
  2. The product needed trial: but had few sales outlets.
  3. We created touchpoints where trial is automatically generated, and drove call-for-action. We therefore devised a campaign instilling curiosity and acceptance.

We deployed multiple, re-inforcing media:

  1. Cinema, generating involvement
    a) sponsored Community Zone in urban cinemas – 15sec message about toilet habits
    b) partnership with JCDecaux – installed 19 Bidets
    c) Guerilla Attack – the 1st “4D Experience” in Malaysia’s cinemas (“Fake Patrons”)
  2. Activation, creating engagement (a)“Mobile Toilet Station”: creates product visibility –Health Advisors: hygiene consulting –47 locations, 3 states, 30 days
  3. Radio, driving awareness (a)urban channels for people on- the-go : 988, CapitalFM, SuriaFM, RedFM.

Campaign reached 4.2mil people

  • Leads 104% above target
  • Trial rate jumped 1545% in 1st month, continued 300% higher than normal
  • Sales increase of 153% in first month, which sustained at 38% month on month
  • Coway shifted toilet culture for 177,700 people. That’s lots of happy customers going poo-poo & loo-loo.