Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

The Return of Amigo

Advertiser: Mamee Double Decker
Brand: Mister Potato
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
MisterPotato needs to evolve its one way communication with consumers or risk being forgotten very quickly.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The better brands are at engaging consumers, the more loyal consumers will be. To ensure we retain our No.1 position, MisterPotato needed to take its brand strategy to the next level. We decided to humanize the brand by bringing MisterPotato’s character to life. MisterPotato is portrayed as a friend or a companion rather than just a brand that consumers see on packaging. We crafted a story that MisterPotato being away from his motherland and now returning to Malaysia on his #KitaKawanKitaAmigo quest to rekindle long lost friendships. This is to subliminally remind our consumers they are not forgotten. #KitaKawanKitaAmigo is a campaign about friendship where we show consumers there is a real amigo friend behind every canister of MisterPotato.

Media Execution
We worked closely with Astro to produce “KitaKawanKitaAmigo” content across TV and Online. This allowed us to leverage on their celebrity hosts to help with MisterPotato’s mission. We kicked start with award winning TV hosts; Nabil and Neelofa teasing audiences about their mysterious amigo friend who is returning to Malaysia. They even put on a moustache, sombrero and poncho on “Meletop” creating infectious laughter. Picking up MisterPotato from KLIA, the humorous ride with HarithIskandar was featured on “ObviouslyHarithIskandar” web exclusive. MisterPotato’s unannounced live appearance during “HLive” and “Meletop” surprised his celebrity friends; creating special engaging moments of friendship. The same content was streamed online. Scenes of “KitaKawanKitaAmigo” where MisterPotato reconnected with friends include cooking sessions, playing football, flying kites with neighbourhood kids and enjoying durian were aired across screens.

Results and Effectiveness
• 516,000 FB reach • 246,000 video views • 175,000 social engagements • 2,900% lower CTR than industry benchmark • resulted in 70% campaign awareness. Humanizing MisterPotato had successfully secured RM28million in sales during campaign period.