Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2018 | |

McDonald’s Out-sells KFC’s Fried Chicken

Advertiser: McDonald's Malaysia
Brand: McDonald's
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The Challenges
Despite McDonald’s being an iconic brand, AyamGorengMcD remained largely unknown for 30 years. Malaysians, who love fried chicken, mostly remember competitors (KFC, mamak restaurants, etc). Most thought McDonalds only sold burgers and were surprised to learn about AyamGorengMcD, despite its better scores in all attributes. Our challenge was to gain market share and convert fried chicken eaters at the relaunch in March 2017, and during the year-end sustenance campaign.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
1. Our research discovered Malaysians loved viewing Korean Mukbang videos of people eating food. Therefore, we covered all segments of Malaysia, focusing on all audio visual channels to capitalize on McDonald’s Most Awesome Bite videos showcasing the salivatingly awesome crunch sounds of Malaysians devouring AyamGorengMcD, a 1st ever McDonald’s ad without voiceover. 2. We branded AyamGorengMcD as perfect for sharing, capitalizing on the new 5 and 9 piece Share Boxes. We used media partnerships to demonstrate these sharing moments and to further engage audiences.

Media Execution
1. We chose the big screens (cinema) as our launch pad, utilizing its Dolby surround sound to amplify the salivating crunch sounds of AyamGorengMcD. We achieved almost 100% coverage via GSC, TGV, MBO, Lotux 5 and MMCineplex. We used TV for mass awareness across all ages, airing on both prime and fringe time. YouTube reached the mass modern audience, presenting a sequence of different videos. Pocket TVC on Facebook: Smart cuts optimised for small screens and mobile users behavior 2. We partnered Astro’s top comedies, MaharajaLawakMega and SepahtuReunion; and KOLs. The comedic groups created skits (30s capsules) and also a feature (a segment on SepahtuReunion). We engaged KOLs to make their own crunch videos to share and entice their fans.

Results and Effectiveness
AyamGorengMcD’s relaunch was a success! – Videos reached peak VTR of 44%, 3x industry average. – McDonald’s set a new sales record, closing 2017 with +25% sales over 2016. This created a new baseline for business.