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How KFC honoured tradition to win Modern minds

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Brand: KFC
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The Challenges
Time honoured Raya traditions have given way to modern practices. Just like our KFC bucket, a product popular on the 3rd day of Raya when everyone is so sick of Raya food, was declining YOY during Raya.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
In our pursuit for progress, things get left behind. Like playing congkak with your cousins, or cooking lemang over firewood. Phones and Gas stoves threaten to take over. Likewise, “modern” food was replacing the KFC Bucket during the 3rd & 4th day of Raya. But Raya is about nostalgia and tradition, modern ways can’t take away that warmth. It was about time KFC Bucket, a traditional Raya item, did something about it. Our Idea: The return of Raya traditions from yester years starting with a KFC bucket

Media Execution
Teaming up with Astro Ria, we created a talk show with old & new celebrities sharing how differently they celebrate Raya, concluding with breaking fast with KFC buckets. Each episode was themed around a particular facet of Raya such as food, music etc to steer conversations around traditions. We then picked up the traditions discussed and turned them into content pieces for social media – the Warisi Tradisi series, schooling the digital population on the long forgotten Raya traditions. As every episode aired, new content would be developed in the form of posts, banners and even articles, prodding conversations

Results and Effectiveness
1. We achieved RM22.5Mn in bucket sales, outperforming sales targets by 12%. 2. The TV show garnered a viewership base of 268K – a base equivalent to shows that have been running for 3 years. 3. The Warisi Tradisi content series (all 250 of them) sparked engagement rates exceeding 15% – a record in itself for FB & Instagram. 4. Searches for the KFC Bucket that had been flat for the last 10 years grew by 48%.