Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2018 | |

Mobile Matters, Moments Matter More

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Brand: TM
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenges
Come 2017 as smartphones became more important in people’s lives, telcos became less important. TM launched the ‘Mobility & Entertainment pack’ -,offering Webe and Unifi broadband right at the onset of the 29th SEA games to bait new user sign ups and stay relevant.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
People live their lives in Moments; Moments where they soak themselves in their interests and inarguably moments where brands are unapparent. We engineered Mobile Micromomenting – a bespoke strategy that etched a relevant niche for TM in the moments in people’s lives, nudging pack sign-ups . Micromoments exude emotions that bare consumer needs – umpteen opportunities for brands to own ; and mobile was the hotbed. We chose 24 micromoments (based on historic browsing and app consumption behaviours) layered with the possibility of 8 emotions and tailored ad messages in accordance – 730K different ways to instill the relevance of 1 pack.

Media Execution
The 24 micromoments chosen were diverse & customary such as : when searching for SEA games updates to even complaints about Maxis. Each of the micromoments exuded atleast one of 8 emotions(anxiety, joy etc). Leveraging Programmatic and dynamic creatives, contextual ads of the pack were served. When people complained on twitter about Maxis service –ads playing up the service benefits of our pack would be served .The hygiene optimization techniques of dayparting, frequency capping, custom remarketing and look-alike modelling were deployed too.

Results and Effectiveness
Micromomenting conquered hearts & wallets in 20 days! – For every 6 clicks on our ad we earned 2 sign-ups; a record amongst conversion campaigns – The sign-up decision making window shrunk from 7 to 3 days – Cost per sign-up dropped by 19% – Direct traffic grew by 13% And thus TM told the world – Mobile matters, Moments matter more!