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Shell Helix Helped Malaysians Drive Back Home Safely By Utilizing Crowd-Sourced Data

Advertiser: Shell
Brand: Shell Helix
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The Challenges
Rising taxes and a weaker currency have resulted in motorists driving older cars for longer, making regular oil changes even more critical for smoother and safer journeys. But car oil changes are often ignored and met with apathy. Objective: Encourage drivers to make regular oil changes using Shell Helix.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Road safety statistics showed driving was becoming more dangerous, with 18 lives lost daily. It was critical for us to link to and enhance safety for motorists. The best time to talk to motorists about their oil was while they were in their car. Five years ago, radio would have been an obvious solution, but in 2017, most drivers had a new in-car companion: their smartphone and Waze. Our strategy: using Waze data, highlight the key journey danger points right before Hari Raya as Malaysians prepared for their long trip.

Media Execution
First, we raised awareness about road safety. Using crowd-sourced data from Waze active users, we identified the top 50 accident-prone locations right across Peninsular Malaysia. When drivers approached these danger zones, they would receive a Shell-branded message via the Waze app reminding them to remain vigilant while in the ‘accident zone’. Second, we reinforced the link between a good driver and a cared-for car. We mapped 239 locations in the proximity of garages participating in our oil change offer. When motorists drove near the garages, they received a message enabling them to get their oil changed for a reduced price, by clicking a ‘Redeem-Offer’ button, which saves a voucher on their phone.

Results and Effectiveness
• Massive 44% reduction in road accidents at the 50 ‘accident zones’ where we issued our warnings.
• Nearly 10,000 oil changes, 190% vs target.
• Reached 2.4 million drivers, 120% vs target.
• M-coupon redemption rate at 89% – 139% ahead of target.
• Brand recall +21%