Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2018 | |

Enchanting Moments for a Million Malaysian Women

Advertiser: Wipro Unza
Brand: Enchanteur
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenges
The Enchanteur brand has a 28-year-old legacy built on the premise of ‘Love’ & ‘Romance’ with a whole generation of Malaysian women having grown up with its iconic positioning of “Creating Magical Moments”. Our challenge was to promote the new EDT fragrance range, while keeping to the core brand positioning

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
What’s an unexciting and mundane place where we can inject a bit of excitement to create a magical feeling for everyday women? The answer was simple: many Malaysian women commute to work using the LRT. The big idea was to make an ordinary daily experience into something extraordinary, for which it had to be larger-than-life. For a commuter on the busy Kelana Jaya LRT line, it was hard to miss as we took taking over 4 LRTs and branded them with Enchanteur. One LRT has 4 coaches, so each coach featured a different fragrance from the newly launched EDT range.

Media Execution
We maximized brand exposure with a full train wrap. The exterior and interior of all 4 LRTs were fully branded with Enchanteur and special scent diffusers featuring the 4 new fragrances were installed in each coach to give female target group a sensory experience. To increase sales – special promotion coupons were put up on hanging signages and an in-train signature tune with scripts was created to incorporate the brand name into the train announcements

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign generated sales for the newly launched EDT range and also impacted Enchanteur’s other products like the deodorant range! A total of 3 million people were reached, with 136,000 of them engaging in on-ground activities. An increase of 7% (vs the previous quarter) in total Enchanteur sales was recorded, as both EDT and deodorant sales recorded 5% growth. Overall brand recall increased by 12% during the campaign period