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Panasonic Bring Dream Home to the Commuters

Advertiser: Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Brand: Panasonic
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The Challenges
Panasonic, a leading electronic goods manufacturer has several categories & products, with such vast range the need to showcase Panasonic’s suite of products is critical. With most showrooms being multi-brand outlets it is not possible & cost prohibitive to display the entire range. Therefore, our challenge was to showcase Panasonic’s full range with limited budgets.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We understood that Panasonic products play an important in turning a house into a HOME. Panasonic products from airconditioners, to mixers, from TVs to irons are integral to our daily lives and critical for smooth functioning of a home. Media Agency recommended leveraging this insight and giving consumers a unique experience. After a long day in office, everyone desires to go home and find comfort on their couch, enjoying their favorite drama and having a nice wholesome fresh family dinner. We decided to give consumers a glimpse of Panasonic home on their journey back home, and leveraged on Malaysia’s preferred transport mode LRTs which are in close proximity of malls.

Media Execution
We converted LRT coaches into a display zone for three most prominent areas in a home. In Living Room Coach, we featured TVs, audio-systems and aircons, fans and air-purifier. Similarly, the kitchen coach featured the entire appliances suite like mixer-grinder, microwave, oven, fridge and washing-machine. The bedroom coach, showcased all the beautycare products Curling iron, hair-dryers, cleansers etc. We also had a customized fragrance for each coach, lavender for bedroom, lemongrass in living room and Chocolate in kitchen. Each product was displayed with a USP message thus driving higher traction with a focused target audience with visibility for at least 5 minutes for every passenger traveling via LRT.

Results and Effectiveness
Panasonic clocked more than 126 hours spent by consumers in the virtual showroom and reached an impressive 7.62 million riders during the campaign period, with sales increasing by 4%.