Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2018 | |

I Love U U U

Advertiser: Genting Malaysia Berhad
Brand: SkyAvenue
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenges
Malaysians love for food is legendary. Hence, the launch of Burgers and Lobsters, Café Richard and Motorino’s at SkyAvenue fits like a glove to the average Malaysian’s first love. We need to attract them to these restaurants. Deprived of locally produced content, Malaysian Chinese looked to North Asia for their entertainment needs.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The strategy was to fill the gap for local entertainment content using micro movies which was trending in North Asia. We found the perfect partner in MY FM as 1 in 2 Malaysian Chinese tune in to MY FM. This partnership allowed access to their stable of popular personalities.

Media Execution
A 15 episodic micro movie was produced featuring SkyAvenue’s flagship restaurants. The micro movies were strategically slotted to air at 10pm – a time when Chinese primetime drama ends on TV. Viewing was available on MY FM and the client’s social media platforms. During its on air period, activities were planned to increase engagement and interest amongst listeners. Call ins, on ground activities and additional videos featuring behind the scenes and on ground activities were produced and peppered throughout the campaign period to keep the campaign fresh in the minds of listeners.

Results and Effectiveness
An estimated 3.95 million listeners were exposed to the campaign on-air. On social media, word of the lifestyle mall reached over 7 million, with views closing in at around 45,000. Perhaps most impressive of all were the actual post-campaign findings — where considerations to visit SkyAvenue within the next 3 months following the campaign, totaled a whopping 92%! In a survey conducted by MY FM where we got over 3,000 responses
 72% and 63% heard about SkyAvenue recently from online and radio, respectively.
 70% have heard about this advertising on MY FM recently.
 92% were considering to visit Sky Avenue in the next 3 months.