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CIMB-PETRONAS Partnership Fueled Cashless Spending

Advertiser: CIMB Bank Berhad
Brand: CIMB Petronas Debit Card
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The Challenges
There was a slow adoption of Debit Card as a mode of transactions. CIMB launched a co-branded debit card with PETRONAS to educate and reward the masses to cultivate the habit of using Debit Card for their daily spending.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We used the co-brand proposition to entice and drive debit transactions amongst target segment, motorists aged 18-30 y.o with low to mid income level. We teamed up with top radio station, ERAFM (Source:NielsenConsumer&MediaView), to run a #CabaranTanpaTunai where we challenged two announcers, Jaa and Nadia, to go around Peninsular Malaysia in 3 days with only CIMBPETRONASDebitCard in hand as mode of payment. We demonstrated that it’s more rewarding and safe to use CIMBPETRONASDebitCard instead of cash for daily transactions.

Media Execution
They had to hand in their cash at the start of the journey and given tasks which tied back to card benefits, throughout the 3-day journey covering KualaLumpur, JohorBahru and Penang which included stopovers at CIMB branches and PETRONAS stations. They were challenged to book Uber ride, buy Aquaria entrance ticket at a discount, book bus tickets online, treat PETRONAS customers at KedaiMesra and pay for lunch at Nasi Kandar restaurant in Penang, among others. Consumers were kept updated and engaged of the cashless journey via Jaa’s and ERA’s social media platform, call backs to the station and live crossover by ERACruisers. 2 bloggers followed the journey to capture this challenge and share the stories on their social media platform.

Results and Effectiveness
The 3-day campaign generated more than 8million reach and 700,000 engagements on social platforms. (Soure:FacebookAnalytics). In just 6 months, the CIMBPETRONASDebitMastercard has recorded an increase of 14% monthly active rates and 6X more affinity compared to the generic portfolio debit card. (Source:CIMBBank Internal Data).