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If Only a Banner Could Talk, Can it?

Advertiser: Tune Group
Brand: Tune Group
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The Challenges
The most complex and tough to comprehend thing on this planet undoubtedly is a telco plan. With everyone who wants a prepaid connection already having one, TuneTalk a puny late entrant with its own set of complex prepaid plans bullied by the big boys, set out to acquire switchers.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Stepping into the minds of Switchers, we discovered their plight. They were struggling to understand the nuances of complex telco plans, desperately seeking clarity. Their questions of “Is 10GB data enough?” , “”What data plan is best for streaming?”” were not being addressed by the market. The big boys often attempted to converse and clarify on social media, but in vain. TuneTalk set out to handhold Switchers in navigating the intricacies of the overwhelming telco plan. TuneTalk chose to answer their questions – Introducing the world’s first answering banner that ingested questions and needs, then recommended the best TuneTalk plan.

Media Execution
The answering banner was powered by chatbot. As consumers expressed their needs, usage and expected price point, the chatbot trained previously against various permutations and combinations of consumer’s needs and questions, would tailor a unique TuneTalk plan for them. Embedding the chatbot onto display banners – yet another first move in the telco category in the country, we set out to fish for subscribers. Our targeting tactics on media included network targeting and re-engaging with device ID pools that had interacted with TuneTalk ads before. As the campaign progressed, fueled by conversations, the banner bot learned and got better at tailoring plans and having natural conversations.

Results and Effectiveness
TuneTalk acquired 4,701 subscribers at a cost per acquisition of RM96 (a 52% drop in CPA Vs non-chatbot campaigns). With increased exposure to conversations, we even shifted tenured Hotlink customers over with snap. Delivering an ARPU of RM 42, highest in the category.