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Anmum’s Connected Mums Club Coaches Mums Through Pregnancy

Advertiser: Fonterra
Brand: Anmum CMC (Connected Mums Club)
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The Challenges
Each year Malaysia produces half a million mummies, to whom eager pregnancy milk brands want to sell. Hungry for information, mums` search online often gets flooded by brands and their various sales pitches and promises, making it difficult for them to know reality from myth. How can Anmum go beyond just a promise, truly connect with mums, and effectively recruit them?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Mums, don’t want to be told to by brands. They want to be guided. Hence, don’t just tell them, COACH them. And who do mums trust for advice? Other ‘mums like me’. Enter Connected Mums Club (CMC): Anmum’s community of mums helping mums, connecting each other to advice from doctors, midwives and nutritionists, and lessons from their own personal experiences, and gets it right by being in-touch with mums’ needs at every step of their journey.

Media Execution
We recruited pregnant mums by contextually ID-ing them based on their pregnancy-related interests on Search, Programmatic and Social networks, and invited them to an incentivized sign-up opportunity. Upon signing-up, mums were welcomed by CMC’s Careline Advisor, to know further each mum’s needs, expectations, concerns and preferences, which catalyses CMC’s sophisticated CRM journey of coaching mums through a series of timely and hyper-personalized messages, from welcome EDMs, to relevant expert opinions and other mums’ thoughts. Up to 118 different engagement touchpoints come alive at various stages of each mum’s pregnancy journey all signalled by data collection mechanisms: what she informs, interacts with and takes up on and off-site. Lastly, mums are encouraged to share to other mums what she herself has learned and experienced, and in turn, is given ‘badges’, redeemable for product discounts, re-energizing the cycle.

Results and Effectiveness
+47% Total mums recruited, +231% online members. +152% Pregnancy segment. 50% members engaged and 2.39 minutes spent on-site via mobile. +200% Average interaction per user. Doubled product sample requests.