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2011 | |

How Sunsilk got Unknown Foreigners to Become Highlights of Beauty Magazines

Advertiser: Unilever Malaysia
Brand: Sunsilk
Creative Agency: JWT
Credits: Shankar Rajagopal (Director, Client Leadership), Anne Leow (Associate Director, The Exchange), Suveea Jinadasa (Senior Executive, The Exchange), Cheng Lin Nah (Manager, The Exchange), Looi Yew Mun (Manager, The Exchange), Caryn Hon/Ng Kok Yean (Executive, The Exchange)

MAG - How Sunsilk got Unknown Foreigners to Become Highlights of Beauty Magazines

Sunsilk globally partnered with the world’s 7 Best Hair Experts to co-create its new range. Problem was that nobody in Malaysia knew these experts, hence difficult to use them in communication. But since it was Sunsilk’s biggest campaign in 2010, the stakes were very high. It was make-or-break for Sunsilk!

Solution Women do rely a lot on experts when it comes to beauty care, but they need to be familiar names. Since the Sunsilk experts were unknown, a credible and ‘known’ go-between entity was required who would ‘introduce’ the 7 global experts to the audience. For many women, Beauty magazines are their ‘experts’. Product endorsed by beauty editors have always influenced women’s purchase decisions.

Sunsilk tied up with 13 magazines across all 3 languages for more than 5 months, to help establish the credentials of the global experts. Editorial features, product features within editors’ articles and co-creation advertorials – all these topped off with a premium leave-behind Sunsilk booklet – helped to build the experts’ credibility and create an impactful launch.

The four-month campaign period saw highest-ever market share jump in Sunsilk Malaysia’s history! Sunsilk became bigger than the closest two competitors combined!