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Our AI Bot Gave Audi +81% Conversion!

Advertiser: Audi Malaysia
Brand: Audi
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The Challenges
Audi has lost brand appeal and preference amongst premium car drivers. Raya seasons is a key sales period for automotive; and Audi needed to regain brand relevance and drive sales.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Category battlefield is on newspaper; given Audi’s limited budget, we shifted focus to digital to win by delivering personalized marketing at scale to our premium audience. Why? Our premium audience decision-making journey on cars start online, with 19 out of the 24 channels they interact with are digital. The strategy was not to win on highest SOV but through highest Relevance SOV (RSOV). How? By harnessing the power of technology and artificial intelligence for predictive targeting and smart real-time dynamic advertising creatives.

Media Execution
First, we harnessed real-time audience behavioral data and identified 3 segments (i) Auto Explorers – those who’s need are just triggered (ii) Auto Intenders – those in active researching phase and (iii) Auto Deciders – those who has narrowed their choices. To be hyper relevant, we further created close to 30 sub-segments from various parameters like gender, car make interested in, audience’s life stage, lifestyle, key USPs, and many more. Next, we matched ad messaging and formats to their purchase journey ensuring that every moment is captured; retargeted and test drive enquiry closed. Both video and display formats were deployed to guide our audience across the journey from triggering interest to closing the deal. Over 100 creatives were generated in real-time! Power of artificial intelligence supports us in working with massive real-time data and enable delivering the right creatives and advertising formats to the right 30 audience segments and remarketing against them on the fly.

Results and Effectiveness
Campaign delivered huge ROI, versus 3 months prior:
• +197% in brochure download
• +44% in dealer locater
• +81% in test drives Audi further enjoyed savings of RM30,000 in production cost with dynamic creative solution.